Teen Takes Photo in Her Gran's Wedding Dress Every Single Year: 'Bawling'

For many brides, a wedding dress is an important part of their big day. With so many special memories tied to this one outfit, it's no surprise that wedding dresses are a common family heirloom and passed down from generation to generation.

TikTok user @tiaastyles' mom took a birthday photo of her every year from the ages of one to 18, always in her grandma's wedding dress.

After sharing a montage of the snaps on Wednesday, Tia and the dress quickly went viral, amassing more than 3.2 million views, 630,000 likes and over 1,100 comments in just 24 hours. The video can be seen here.

In the photographs, Tia can be seen growing from a toddler with the dress hanging off her, to an almost fully-grown woman wearing the dress with pride. Not your typical white wedding dress, the vintage gown is adorned with a floral pattern against a gingham background.

In the comments, Tia described her mom as "a genius," and TikTok users agreed.

Jade Mcfadyen said: "Oh my goodness [pleading face emoji] this is beautiful."

Prettypoi$on wrote: "this is such a wholesome idea," and user8386278112381 commented: "bawling."

22102020 said: "Thank you for the inspo, I will do this to my son, using my late dads fav shirt."

While Amaya Rae wrote: "bit envious bc my parents would never invest their time on things like these."

A study of 2,000 Americans found that wedding dresses were amongst respondents' most-prized possessions. Forty-one percent said their gown was particularly special to them, not far behind wedding bands at 56 percent and engagement rings at 50 percent.

Still, family photographs topped the list of most precious items at 65 percent, and almost seven in ten surveyed said looking through family snaps with grandparents was a treasured memory.

Wedding items were also high on the list of top ten heirlooms Americans hope to inherit from their family, with 25 percent hoping to receive a relative's gown after their death.

Many users suggested that Tia carry on the tradition if she has her own children.

ItsMe said: "What a beautiful memory to look back [at]. you [should] do it too with your daughter one day (your moms wedding dress)."

"Now you have to get married in it on your birthday," suggested Ann Glimmer.

Other users couldn't get over the resemblance between Tia and Alison DiLaurentis, one of the lead characters in the teen mystery drama series Pretty Little Liars, played by Sasha Pieterse.

Zah commented: "u look like alison [dilaurentis] in the last one."


Nele asked if Tia's other siblings took part in the tradition, to which she replied: "I have an older brother and he is very grateful to not have to take a yearly dress pic."

Newsweek has reached out to @tiaastyles for comment.

Elsewhere online, one woman has turned her love of family heirlooms into a calling. Interior designer Chelsey Brown traces the families of miscellaneous items she finds at thrift stores, reuniting people with long-lost heirlooms and sometimes relatives they didn't know existed. While one man was lucky to be reunited with 80 years' worth of family heirlooms after they were accidentally donated after a relative's death.

Teen takes photo in gran's wedding dress
Woman helping to fasten bride's dress. Several TikTok users loved the mom's idea so much, they plan to do something similar with their own children. iStock/Getty Images Plus/beorm