Teen Praised for Refusing To Give Up Plane Seat to 'Cursing' Couple

The internet has sided with a teenager who refused to give up her window seat to an "entitled" couple, after she specifically booked that seat because of her anxiety disorder.

In a post shared on Reddit on Tuesday, the 15-year-old girl, who goes by the username BobcatLiving6715, explained that she was flying for the first time to Florida and she was alone. Because of some childhood trauma, she said, she now suffers from anxiety, so she booked a window seat to help her relieve her nerves.

When she finally sat on the plane, the flight attendant introduced her to the pilots to help with her anxiety, and once she went back to her seat she found an unpleasant surprise.

plane seats
A stock image shows the inside of a plane. The internet has backed a teenage girl for not giving up her window seat she paid for to entitled couple who started cursing at her. Getty Images

"There was some girl in my seat and the flight attendant kindly told her she was in my seat and that she had to sit in the seat that was on her ticket. She was not happy and who I assume is her boyfriend said I could just sit in the aisle seat.

"The flight attendant knew why I wanted a window seat and about the anxiety as my mom told them before I boarded so the flight attendant told the woman she had to move," she wrote.

But she explained that once she was able to get her seat and the flight attendant left, the couple started cursing at her, commenting that she ruined their flight.

"My anxiety was getting really bad. It felt like I couldn't breathe and I wanted to get off the plane. I stood up and walked up toward the front as it was a small plane. The flight attendant asked me what was wrong as I was crying now," she explained.

Fortunately another passenger who was sitting behind her saw the couple bullying the girl and told the flight attendant everything, and after hearing that, another kind hearted passenger got involved to help the anxious girl.

"Some man at the front of the plane told me to switch seats since we both had a window seat and he sat in my seat so that the couple couldn't have the window seat and I got his window seat," she said.

Aside from that episode, the flight went smoothly and the girl arrived safely. However, her family told her that she could have just avoided the drama and sat in the aisle, despite her paying for a window seat.

According to a study carried out by Expedia, about 55 percent of passengers prefer window seats to aisle seats. The same study also found that about 35 percent of passengers are willing to spend extra money to reserve a window seat.

Replying to the post, all users sided with the girl and cursed the couple. One user, Bridgett_WDW_OTO, said: "[NoTheA**hole]. Kudos to the man behind you for helping you out, and for the kind man who changed seats with you so you can have a window seat. Your family should be more sympathetic though, knowing about your anxiety," in a comment that got over 14,000 upvotes.

DameofDames added: "I hope he was stinky and had to go to the bathroom a lot..." And sarabeara12345678910 said: "An armrest hogger, at least."

Another user, Decent_Bandicoot122, commented on the man who switched chairs: "Oh, no doubt he switched seats with a mission in mind. I am sure he gave that couple an earful. Lol." And Heavn4Me added: "I am also glad that he sat down in the seat they wanted knowing they weren't going to try and pull with a grown man what they did with a young girl."

Dashcamkitty commented: "The couple were utter a**holes for not paying for the seats they wanted then bullying a child but the OP's family are a**holes too. Support your own kid before pandering to others."

Another user, PaddyCow, pointed out: "If her family encourage her to stay in situations that make her uncomfortable and don't praise her for standing up for herself, chances are they are inadvertently making her anxiety worse, or even causing it."

Able_Secretary_6835 gave the girl some words of comfort: "As a mom, I would have been so, so proud of you for 1) taking this flight! You are very brave. And 2) Seeking and accepting help when you needed it. You have already acquired some great life skills!! I am sorry it was such a bad experience, but I hope you can feel proud of yourself."

MrsJonesy2012 said: "[NotTheA**hole]. You paid for a window seat, you also did it for a reason. If the girl and her boyfriend wanted a window seat they should have paid for one."

And uninitiatedastronaut added: "[NotTheA**hole]. I never understood why people on planes feel so entitled to whatever seat they want, regardless of what's on their ticket."

AimingForBland suggested: "It's okay (I mean, mildly annoying, but okay) to ask, but 'NO' MEANS NO. Don't huff, don't grumble, don't ask again, don't plead, don't share your reasons, don't roll your eyes... Just don't. Say 'I understand. Sorry to bother you,' and then zip it!"

And princessgirlypop said: "I can't believe those two would treat a frightened child that way! I'm so sorry that happened and I'm glad other people on the plane were kind and looked after you. You paid for that seat, it's yours! Good for you for standing up for yourself!"

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