Teen Sheds Tear As Dad Embraces Him After Catching Him Wearing Make-Up: 'I'm With You'

The heartwarming moment a father found his son wearing make-up for the first time has gone viral online as the video melts hearts.

Originally uploaded by 19-year-old Daniel Diaz in July 2020, when he was 18, the video has found footing online a year later after popular Reddit and TikTok posts of it racked up millions of views over the past month.

Diaz posted the video, which began simply as a makeup tutorial, to his YouTube channel titled: "My Dad Walked In On Me While I Was Doing My Makeup. I Came Out To My Dad."

Viewers may have clicked on the video expecting the worst, but what they really found was a touching father and son moment, as Diaz's father, Luis Lemus, took the time to reassure and celebrate his son.

"I was just so happy. I wanted to cry but I told myself, 'NO! I won't cry because if I cry I won't be able to post this video because who's going to want to see someone crying while mascara is running down their face!' I was also filled with joy. It was just a wonderful moment for us, and thank goodness that I caught his reaction on video," Diaz told Newsweek.

After Lemus entered the room, the teen immediately turned all the lights off, in a clear panic. He informed his father that he was filming a video, as he urged him to turn the lights on.

As he turned the lights on, Lemus reached over to Diaz's shoulder in a reassuring gesture. "I'm gonna tell you something Papa [Diaz's pet name from his father]...whatever it is you want to do," he said, as per internet translations from Spanish.

"Dad, don't make me cry," responded Diaz.

"Whatever it is you wanna do, you'll be okay. I'll be okay with you. I'm with you okay," said the father, switching to English halfway through.

"I love you, Papa. If that makes you happy do it, Papa, but do it good. I'm always with you, okay? I'm not gonna drop you or anything. You be happy," he added, while hugging his son.

Daniel Diaz applying makeup
Daniel Diaz applying makeup in the video. Daniel Diaz

Diaz's original video has gained 50,000 views but it was re-posted to TikTok on September 21, where it gained over 11 million views. On October 6, a Reddit user shared the clip to the "Made Me Smile" Subreddit, where it gained over 54,000 votes.

Despite the embrace of the internet though, Diaz said he still struggles with wearing makeup outside sometimes: "To be honest I'm still shy to go out in public with makeup and nails. When I go out I never go out with makeup on, and if I got out with nails I hide them in my pockets or in my sweater. I'm just so scared for people to see me with those kind of stuff because their are some bad people out in this world. You just never know. But when I'm home, safe and sound, I let my imagination run free, because I know that my family while accept who I am and not tell me anything negative."

The video pulled at the heart strings of internet users, with many openly wishing their experiences had garnered similar reactions from their parents.

Daniel Diaz with father's hand on shoulder
The moment Daniel Diaz's father embraced him. Daniel Diaz

For Diaz, showing his dad his make-up was also his way of coming out as gay, though he said his dad already knew. "I never told my dad that I was gay, until that day I felt like I truly came out to him. I know that he knew already but I just felt that I came out to him right then and there when he caught me with makeup on. It's just so amazing how that actually turned out, and I'm so grateful too have parents who accept me for who I am."

In recent years, the beauty community has actively moved towards the acceptance of men in makeup, and the general population is slowly beginning to follow suit. Thanks to online spaces like Instagram and YouTube, and the male influencers in the field, attitudes are changing.

Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz shedding a tear after his father's reaction. Daniel Diaz

A 2013 JWT study revealed that just eight percent of U.K. Gen Xers felt it was acceptable for a man to wear foundation, while 20 percent of millennials did. Just four years later, beauty influencer Manny Gutierrez became Maybelline's first male ambassador. In 2016, James Charles became CoverGirl's first male ambassador.

For many young people, especially in communities where men in makeup is not so accepted, the online beauty community and gurus offer a safe space of encouragement to try it out themselves—even if, unlike Diaz's family, those in real life don't.

"I didn't think my video while blow up like how it did," summarized Diaz. "It's just crazy how some kind words can change your life forever. I told my dad and he got very excited! He was crying on the phone and saying how he's so proud of me."