Teen Trump Supporter Says He Was Bullied, Spat On for Wearing MAGA Hat to School

A teenage supporter of President Donald Trump says he was bullied, taunted and spat on for wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat at school.

Braxton McElhaney, 15, said two female students at West Jordan High School in Utah ripped his hat off, stomped on his glasses and spat in his face. The girls also threw his face mask, which had an American flag on it, in a dumpster, he added.

"The two girls, they kept antagonizing me, calling me a racist, saying I look retarded, and calling me a white supremacist, white privilege because I was wearing my Trump hat," McElhaney told KUTV.

According to KUTV, video footage captured the encounter inside the school on September 3.

McElhaney's parents said officials at the high school acted quickly to investigate what happened.

In a statement, the Jordan School District said: "Jordan School District does not tolerate or condone the type of behavior seen in this video.

"Our schools stand for respect and inclusion where all are free to learn and work in a safe, welcoming environment without judgment. This situation was immediately investigated with the support and involvement of law enforcement. Swift, appropriate disciplinary action was taken following district protocol."

A spokesperson for the school district told KUTV they can't comment on the disciplinary action taken against the students because it is a police matter.

McElhaney's family told KUTV that criminal charges are being filed in the case.

The school district and West Jordan Police Department have been contacted for additional comment.

The boy's mother, Meshyalah McElhaney, said the video upset her to watch.

His father, Joe McElhaney, added that the incident shows how divided the nation is. "The way he was treated, the way that a lot of people are treated with all of this divide that we have going on in our country, it's ridiculous," he told KUTV.

Braxton McElhaney added that he won't stop wearing his hat in support of the president.

"If they were just to like sit down and talk with someone and learn about the other side and the other parties, then they would be a lot more understanding, and less hate form one side towards another," he said.

Meshyalah McElhaney has since set up a GoFundMe page for her son, which amassed more than $20,000 in donations in a day.

"My son a patriotic 15 year old was brutally bullied during his second week back and school for wearing his MAGA hat and we have received a massive outpouring of support from people asking to do something nice for him," she wrote on the page.

"Many people have asked for us to launch a gofundme to take him on a special trip or do something nice for him. We are so thankful for everyone's kindness."

The McElhaney family have been contacted for additional comment.

MAGA hat
A man wears a MAGA hat as he waits in line to attend the "Great American Comeback Event" campaign rally with President Donald Trump in Henderson, Nevada on September 13, 2020. Bridget Bennett/AFP via Getty Images