Where Are the Cast of 'Teen Wolf' Now?

Teen Wolf is set to be revived for the big screen, Paramount+ announced on Tuesday February 15 at their ViacomCBS Investors Event.

The MTV show originally aired between June 2011 and September 2017, ending after six seasons.

It followed a group of teenagers who were either werewolves, wolf hunters, or regular humans, and their challenge trying to navigate high school and several supernatural elements.

Newsweek looked back at the teen drama to research where the original cast are now, with the main cast now containing DC's newest Man of Steel and a Taylor Swift collaboration.

Tyler Posey - Scott McCall

Teen Wolf centered around Tyler Posey's character Scott McCall, who is turned into a werewolf in the premiere episode and is forced to come to terms with the change and investigate the supernatural elements in his Californian town.

Since the show came to an end Posey has gone on to appear in a number of shows including Jane the Virgin and the Scream TV series.

He has also started to focus on voice acting, voicing Dante Pertuz aka Inferno for a number of Marvel Rising animated series. He also appeared in Netflix's animated Fast & Furious Spy Racers show.

Outside of acting, Posey has also worked as a musician for many years. He was in the band PVMNTS from 2018 before departing in April 2019 to form his current band Five North with his childhood friend Kyle Murphy.

Dylan O'Brien - Stiles Stilinski

Dylan O'Brien portrayed Scott's best friend Stiles Stilinski in the teen drama, though the actor is reported to not be returning for the revival film.

Since appearing on the MTV show O'Brien has had a lot of success as part of the Maze Runner franchise from 2014 to 2018.

O'Brien has gone on to star in hit Netflix film Love and Monsters, and he even co-starred in Taylor Swift's directorial debut All Too Well: The Short Film alongside Sadie Sink, which is based on the singer's 10-minute version of the song it is named after.

Tyler Hoechlin - Derek Hale

Tyler Hoechlin portrayed Derek Hale, one of the show's central werewolf characters, who battles with Scott and his wolf pack before eventually becoming an ally.

Hoechlin has also had a successful career since appearing on Teen Wolf as he is now The CW's Clark Kent, aka Superman, who first appeared in Supergirl and has now gone on to have his own show in Superman & Lois.

Crystal Reed - Allison Argent

Crystal Reed took on the role of Allison Argent in Teen Wolf, who was descended from a long line of wolf hunters and also acted as Scott's love interest.

Following the teen drama's end, Reed went on to land a leading role in Gotham as Sofia Falcone, marking the first time the DC character has ever been portrayed in live-action.

She also starred in the show Swamp Thing and also appeared in the film Ghostland.

Holland Roden - Lydia Martin

Holland Roden portrayed Lydia Martin from season 1 to 6, and her character was revealed to have the supernatural powers of a banshee in the first season.

Roden went on to appear in shows like Grey's Anatomy, MacGyver and Mayans M.C.

Arden Cho - Kira Yukimura

Arden Cho played Kira Yukimura in Teen Wolf, and is one of the original cast members who will not be reprising her role in the revival.

Since leaving the show Cho has acted in a number of dramas including Chicago Med as Dr. Ethan Choi's sister Emily in Season 3.

Aside from her acting, Cho is also a business mogul and she was the CEO of luxury watch brand Leonard & Church until it closed in December 2020.

Colton Haynes - Jackson Whittemore

Colton Haynes took on the role of Lydia's narcissistic boyfriend Jackson Whittemore, who was turned into a reptilian kanima.

Aside from Teen Wolf, Haynes had a lead role in The CW's Arrow as Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, appearing in the superhero show until it ended in 2020.

He has also starred in American Horror Story: Cult, Scream Queens, and Dollface.

Shelley Henning - Malia Tate

Shelley Henning portrayed Malia Tate, a werecoyote, from seasons 4 to 6 on Teen Wolf.

Prior to her career in acting Henning competed in a number of beauty pageants, and was named Miss Teen USA in 2004.

Henning has gone on to appear in a number of shows since Teen Wolf including Mythic Quest, Dollface, and Netflix's The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.

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