Teenage Burger King Employee Was Killed at Job by Former Employee, Police Say

A suspect accused of killing a teenage Burger King employee previously worked at the same fast food restaurant where the incident occurred, according to New York City police.

The police said Friday that they arrested Winston Glynn, 30, in connection with the killing of Kristal Bayron-Nieves, 19. Glynn is accused of fatally shooting the teen while he was attempting to rob a Burger King in East Harlem.

Glynn previously worked at the same Burger King from April to December 2020. "All indications are that he knew this place well, that he preplanned the event," NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said on Friday.

The incident occurred this past Sunday, shortly after 12 a.m. Police received a 911 call about a male with a gun and a woman shot inside the Burger King at 154 East 116 Street.

During a press conference Friday, Essig said Glynn walked into the Burger King wearing a ski mask and a black jacket and had white earbuds hanging out of his pocket, which Essig said became "a very important clue in this investigation." When the incident occurred, four people were in the Burger King: the manager, Bayron-Nieves and two customers.

"Our perpetrator brandishes a firearm. He pistol-whips the manager and one customer, knocking two teeth out of the manager's mouth," Essig said. "He then goes to the register, where he removes approximately $100."

Bayron-Nieves was working behind the counter when the incident occurred, Essig said.

"The man demands more money from the register drawer. As Ms. Bayron-Nieves is scrambling to open the drawer, she doesn't have the key. The male fires one shot, striking her and causing her death," Essig said.

Using surveillance videos, detectives tracked Glynn to the 116th Street and Lexington Avenue subway station. Before the shooting occurred, detectives saw on surveillance video a male with different clothing but with "the same earbuds hanging out of his pants," Essig said.

Glynn had four prior arrests before the shooting incident on Sunday, Essig said. Detectives were eventually able to track him to a residence in Brooklyn and arrested him. He was charged with murder, robbery, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a firearm.

During the press conference, NYPD Chief of Department Kenneth Corey said that Bayron-Nieves "was killed for no apparent reason."

"There was no reason to shoot this young woman. Money had been handed over. She was trying to comply with the gunman's demands," Corey said.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams also spoke at the press conference, calling the incident "personal."

"For a cold-blooded killer to shoot a 19-year-old child after she complied....we have been saying this over and over again, there's too many guns on our streets," Adams said.

New York City police said Friday they had arrested a suspect in the killing of a teenage Burger King employee. Raymond Boyd/Getty