Teens Allegedly Trash Store Aisle After They Were Asked to Stop Filming in Viral Video

Retail employees navigate various challenges on a daily basis, but there are times a customer can make an employee's job more difficult. One store employee alleged that after asking a group of teenagers to stop filming inside of the store, they flung the milk and cereal they were carrying to the floor, creating a mess.

Crispy_chris01 posted the video, which earned more than 480,000 views, showing puddles of milk and cereal scattered across the floor.

"Who acts like this?" the voiceover in the video said.

Commenters were horrified by what unfolded and shared their feelings about the situation.

"People have no respect these days," one comment read.

Another comment suggested the store should have tried to identify those who were responsible for the mess and have them clean up the mess or face charges.

The TikToker posted another video and provided an update and some context to what happened.

"It was just a quick, simple thing where we had a group of eight juveniles filming in a store trying to do a YouTube or TikTok challenge, I'm not sure," crispy_chris01 said. "They had been messing with the aisles while filming, and the management staff gave them a warning."

Store Aisle
A retail employee posted a video, alleging that a group of teenagers threw milk and cereal to the floor in the store after they were told they needed to stop filming. Above, a girl pushes a shopping cart through an aisle. Chris Hondros/Getty Images

He continued and said that the group migrated over to the toy section and began throwing store merchandise to the floor. The employee approached them and told them they were warned and needed to stop.

"From there, they ran off with their milk and cereal, threw it on the floor, splattered everywhere and tried to run for the exit," crispy_chris01 alleged.

After the initial warning, however, a manager called police and officers were waiting for the teenagers when they ran out of the store. The TikToker said officers gave the teenagers a trespassing warning before they left and helped the custodian clean the mess.

"Unbelievable that anyone would act this way for any reason," a TikTok viewer wrote under the video update. "The parents should have been called and paid for wasted items!"

Customers attempting to participate in "challenges" that originate and find virality on the Internet are not uncommon. Another challenge that gained popularity from the Internet involved people opening a container of ice cream, licking the top and putting it back into the freezer.

CNN reported in 2019 that there have been consequences for some people who participated in the "challenge."

One man was recorded licking the top of ice cream in a carton and poked it with his finger before he put it back on the freezer shelf. The news outlet reported that police found evidence that the man posted the video on Facebook.

Newsweek reached out to crispy_chris01 for further comment.