Teens Crash Car Through Roof of Home, Barely Missing Homeowner's Bed

Two teenagers lost control of their vehicle and crashed through a homeowner's roof in Eureka, Missouri, early Sunday morning. Fire officials said "fortunately" no injuries took place.

Photos shared by the Eureka Fire Protection District on Facebook showed the unusual scene after the white Chevrolet Malibu plowed into a couple's home as they were sleeping 10 feet away from the point of impact, the St. Louis Dispatch reported.

"If you look at that crash it's like, how did somebody not die? It's literally incredible. [The car was] literally just saucering through the air end-over-end," said Scott Barthelmass, Eureka Fire Protection District's spokesman.

The teens were traveling along Legends Parkway when they lost control of the car, causing it to swerve and snap a 10-foot pine tree.

"The roots from the tree were pulled from the ground and smashed into another house," Barthelmass told Newsweek.

Afterwards, the car violently rolled end-over-end and slammed into a wrought-iron fence, and then went into the roof, entering the couple's bathroom in their master bedroom suite as they slept nearby.

"The homeowner looks over and sees that there's a little bit of fire coming from the car and actually ran downstairs, grabbed his garden hose and put that out," Barthelmass said.

Afterwards, the homeowner went upstairs to find the teens crawling out of their car into the bedroom. Firefighters arrived within minutes of being dispatched to the accident, which occurred at the 600 block of Thorntree Lane shortly before 2 a.m. They left around 5 a.m.

Barthelmass said he has not seen anything like the crash in his 29 years of working in the fire service and called the incident "ironic" since the department's fire crews were trained last week on vehicle extrications and abnormal crashes.

He called it a once-in-a-career type of rescue and call.

The fire department's Deputy Chief William Stamberger told Newsweek, "It appears that they didn't make the turn and basically, based on how the vehicle got into the home, speed would have to be a factor for sure. There's no way it could have launched into the home without excessive speed being a factor."

"A very interesting call last night. Fortunately, no one was injured," the Eureka Fire Protection District wrote on Facebook alongside the photos it shared that went viral. The post has been shared more than 5,000 times and received more than 1,000 comments.

Barthelmass said the post was viewed around 780,000 times last night.

"Don't you just hate it when unexpected guests drop in?" user Melinda Stewart commented.

"So it hit the fence and went airborne. I need the number to the fencing company ASAP!," Facebook user Carlos Mcneely commented.

"Well that's one way to find out what Jake from State Farm is wearing," user Brooke Wood wrote.

"The fact that no one was killed...it is just very surprising. The fact that no one was injured is even more surprising," Barthelmass said.

Fire Truck On the Road
Rescuers in Eureka, Missouri, responded to an accident Sunday in which two teens lost control of their vehicle and crashed into the roof of a home. Above, a fire truck is seen in May 2013 in Ventura County, California. David Pu'u/Corbis/Getty Images