Teen's Parents Mull Charges Against 'Hateful' Bride Over Dress Debacle

Commenters slammed a bride for sending "hateful" messages to a teenager who wore a sage green dress to the wedding.

The Original Poster (OP), known as u/RealisticTart2391, posted about the incident in Reddit's popular "Am I The A**hole" forum where it received more than 17,000 upvotes and 3,000 comments. The post can be found here.

Wedding Attire

According to data collected by wedding website Zola, the majority of wedding guests opt for "cocktail" attire as their preferred dress code, with one in three guests getting three or more new outfits to match for upcoming weddings.

With "cocktail" attire, or semi-formal, coming in at number one on the list for most guest-preferred dress code, some couples got creative by offering options such as "cocktail casual" or "Sunday dressy."

Angry bride texts guest "hateful" messages
Here, a stock image of an angry bride looking at a phone. Commenters sided with a teenage wedding guest who was told by the bride that her dress was "too flashy." Ljupco/iStock

Surveyors also said they enjoyed a "black tie" dress code, with many saying they look forward to dressing up for weddings.


In the post titled "AITA for wearing a sage green dress for a wedding?" the 17-year-old OP said she recently attended a wedding for her dad's friend's daughter.

"Now the bride has been accusing me of destroying her big day," the post read.

The OP said one of the bride's "demands" was for the female guests to "be modest" and wear "simple" colors and makeup.

"The request was okay to me because it was her event," the post read. "The big day came and I wore a satin sage dress, which is beautiful, but still modest, and for the makeup it was just some shimmery eyeshadow with some transparent gloss."

In the middle of the wedding, the bride's mother pulled the OP aside and asked to talk to her alone.

The woman brought the OP into the bride's dressing room where the bride purportedly "berated" her. The bride said the OP's dress was "too flashy" and that she was "stealing her spotlight."

She then offered the OP two options: leave the wedding or remove her makeup and change into a black dress that was double her size.

The OP refused because the dress would have been "bothersome" to keep up since it was too big and her parents would ask about her original dress.

"The bride started crying, and I told my parents everything she demanded," the post read. "Then they got angry at her. Because of it, they said they're not going to give any wedding money to her."

This comment led to a fight between the OP's dad and his friend, the bride's father, before the OP started receiving messages from the bride.

'Little B**ch'

"Today the bride sent me hateful messages saying I ruined her wedding. AITA?"

In an update, the OP said her parents are planning on pressing charges against the bride due to the threatening nature of the messages. She told Newsweek her family is discussing suing the bride for emotional distress.

'You RUINED my wedding," one of the messages in a screenshot posted by the OP read. "Imagine being such a whore in someone else's big day. Your parents haven't taught you decency."

The messages continued, with the bride saying the OP should "consider herself lucky" that she didn't call the cops. She also asked if the OP was going to pay for "emotional damage" and called her a "little b**ch."

Redditor Reactions

More than 3,000 users commented on the post, many criticizing the bride for acting like a "jealous bridezilla."

"I had to look up 'sage green' expecting it to be like a super flashy jewel green color....it's like old lettuce color," one user commented. "How can a color be more simple? I just don't see the problem...sounds like she was just jealous that you looked nice in her proximity. NTA."

"NTA. If a teenager wearing a nice dress can ruin her wedding, then she DESERVES it to be ruined," another user commented. "What an absolutely bizarre reaction from her. God knows what she was thinking."

"The bridezilla ruined her own wedding," another user commented.


"We see this over and over again. It's not the dress. It's not the makeup. It's the fact that you looked great in it," another user commented. "She tried to police that by suggesting a modest, simple color and makeup. The problem is that, even doing that, you looked great. This is on her."

"People are getting too carried away with these ridiculous requests and rude behaviour [sic] at weddings," another commented. "Just one more reason why weddings suck. It's not your fault that bridezilla is insecure"

"My God I hate wedding 'culture' and bridezillas. NTA OP," another commented."Besides a white dress, any bride/groom who dictates what their guests can wear is an automatic AH."

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