Teens in Stolen SUV Lead Police on a Chase, Ends in Crash on Highway

After attempting to burglarize a home last week, five teens in a stolen SUV led Fort Lauderdale police officers on a high-speed chase on Interstate 95 that ended in a crash Wednesday morning, NBC Miami reported.

Aerial footage of the incident on Local 10 News shows the SUV, in an attempt to evade police, cross multiple lanes of traffic on I-95. When changing lanes, however, the teen driving the SUV clips another vehicle, causing the teen to lose control of the car. The SUV hits a second vehicle, before smashing into a guardrail and rolling over in the middle of the highway.

The footage also shows the police immediately surround the flipped vehicle and the teens—some of whom pull themselves from the SUV and some of whom are taken out by police—are handcuffed. The chase came as a result of a call to police reporting an attempted burglary.

Sharon Glueck, one of the drivers clipped by the SUV, told Local 10 News: "I spun around and next thing I know, when I stopped, I was next to a police car and they had their guns drawn on. I saw one teenager and they told me to move and get out of the car and get away from the scene."

Footage shows police safely escorting Glueck away from the scene and to the side of the highway. No fatalities were reported.

The police received a call at about 7 a.m. May 19 that a group of teenagers was attempting to steal a car from the garage of a home in Fort Lauderdale. Unsuccessful, the teens drove off in an SUV, which police later found was reported stolen out of Miami-Dade County, a spokesperson for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department told Newsweek.

The teens driving the SUV also hit a bicyclist as they fled the scene before entering I-95. The spokesperson for Fort Lauderdale PD says the bicyclist is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. However, the bicyclist's mother told Local 10 News that there is still a long road to recovery for her son, who reportedly has "multiple fractures on his neck and spine, a laceration on his head and ear and...knees that started to swell."

When the Fort Lauderdale police first spotted the SUV, the officers attempted to pull the driver over, but the driver refused. When the teens sped off, multiple outlets reported, the police called the Broward sheriff's aviation unit for assistance.

The Fort Lauderdale PD is investigating the attempted burglary, the spokesperson told Newsweek, while Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the accident on I-95.

Police car
After attempting to burglarize a home last week, five teens in a stolen SUV led Fort Lauderdale Police officers on a high-speed police chase, which ended in a crash Wednesday morning. MattGush/iStock