Television: Back To The Real World

Rehearsing with his Star Wars cover band, Nate Dern never expected that he would be making out with a blonde bombshell on national television weeks later. But after one 10-minute audition tape, a flight to L.A. and a final interview with Ashton Kutcher, this Harvard senior was doing just that.

For eight weeks this past summer, Dern filmed "Beauty and the Geek," CW's reality TV series that pairs eight "beauties" with eight "geeks" and pits them against each other in competitions like assembling a computer for the beauties and speed dating for the geeks.

Dern was approached in Harvard Square by casting agents who encouraged him to tryout.

"They told me they thought I would be perfect right after I mentioned I was the lead singer of a Star Wars rock band," says Dern.

Dern and his partner, swimsuit model Cecille Gahr, navigated the competition well enough to make it into the final two, losing, in the end, to fellow Harvard geek, Alan "Scooter" Zackheim, and Playboy model Megan Hauserman.

But Dern didn't come away a total loser. Scoring a hook-up with UFC ring girl JennyLee Berns, Dern showed that he had moves better than your average nerdy Harvard student. "I wasn't expecting to kiss anyone on TV. Before, I'd thought those guys that made out with girls on TV were absolute tools," he says.

Dern didn't realize how hard the shift back to school would be: "They don't prepare you for the shock, all of a sudden released into the world where no one cares about you."

Defending himself against allegations that he played up his "geekiness" for the camera, Dern says he "tried not to take it personally...because people say mean stuff."

"I'm not the stereotypical geek, but I'm not the coolest kid." It's worth noting that this geeky TV star's last name is an anagram for "nerd."