Televsion: Shark

James Woods has never been Hollywood's most subtle actor--which makes him perfect for "Shark." Sebastian Stark, a.k.a. Shark, is the legal equivalent of flesh-eating bacteria, a high-priced defense attorney who devours anyone standing between him and victory. Until the day that Stark exonerates an accused wife-beater, who leaves court, goes home and kills the woman. Stark suddenly discovers his conscience and joins the D.A.'s office, and that's when "Shark" starts to drown. Woods is wonderfully corrosive in the courtroom scenes, but he's not good at going soft, which happens much more than you'd like, seeing how the contrived pilot (directed by Spike Lee) saddles Woods with custody of his 16-year-old daughter and a team of bright young D.A.s who want to train with the master. "Shark" wants to be "House" with less bile. Unfortunately, a bad guy trying to do good adds up to a mediocre show.

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