'Temptation Island' Spoilers 2019: Drama Ignites Between Two Singles, But Who's Caught in the Middle?

Following last week's premiere, Temptation Island viewers were introduced to four couples and 24 singles looking for love—even if it means breaking up a long-term couple.

Evan, who has been dating his girlfriend Kaci on-and-off for 10 years, already opened up about not wanting to commit to marriage right away. Though Kaci's parents said their daughter was "living in sin" but living with Evan, he revealed he didn't see the significance of a piece of paper and a diamond.

When couples were separated in the series premiere, host Mark L. Walberg warned: "this could be goodbye forever."

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In Tuesday's episode, Evan is seen drinking and flirting it up with a group of singles and reveals he likes "natural beauties", according to Soap Dirt. Due to the revelation, one single suggests that he'd hit it off with the Los Angeles-based yoga teacher, Brittany Rose. Drama ensues with DC realtor, Morgan LolarThis rubs DC realtor Morgan Lolar—she considers herself a natural beauty as well.

Brittany ends up going on a date with Evan, but not before drama enfolds that leaving "a bad taste in [her] mouth."

A fight between friends ignites after Katheryn suggests that Morgan has a crush on Evan. Morgan denies the crush and ends up picking a fight the 30-year-old Nashville-native. Through the yelling and bleeped-out name-calling, the other women in the room trying to break up the fight with no avail. Evan, himself, shows up in the room to intervene.

He then reveals of a private conversation with Katheryn, where she said she didn't want to talk to him anymore because of Morgan's crush.

"I don't want to get in the middle of friends," Evan said.

Evan later admits to producers that he doesn't want to be "in the middle of the drama," and has previously been in similar situations during college. Morgan then tells her side of the story, insisting she's looking for drama either.

Find out if Evan withstands temptation and commits to his on again, off again relationship with Kaci, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA Network.