Ten Cent Solution

The Copenhagen consensus Center, a Danish group that seeks the most cost-effective solutions to the planet's biggest problems, has come out with its new top-30 list of global challenges. Guess what didn't make the cut? Terror. The panel of economists (including several Nobel laure-ates) that creates the list didn't include the War on Terror in its ranking, as the research around the topic is relatively new compared with issues like trade, education and malnutrition.

But even if more research existed, it's unlikely the current U.S. approach to fighting terror would have been included. "If you look at the global cost-benefit analysis, every dollar spent on the war on terror only yields 10 cents of security benefits," says Bjorn Lomborg, the organization's director. Rather, the study recommends information sharing via cross-border crime-fighting entities like Interpol, and giving the IMF more resources to fight money laundering—moves that it says would result in $10 worth of security benefits for every $1 spent.

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