Tenant Begs Landlord to Fix Alleged Mold Problem But Is Told It Could Just Be 'an Effect'

A Twitter user in the U.K. has gone viral, sharing an old exchange with his landlord, about a serious mold problem in his apartment. When showing that it had spread to his clothes, the landlord suggested that it was just an "acid wash effect" rather than a serious issue, he alleged.

thinking about this exchange with my landlord in February pic.twitter.com/ThlqvgEkhc

— jacques (@flamencolambada) August 22, 2020

On Saturday, a Twitter user named Jacques tweeted the exchange that he says is from February. He sent the landlord a photo of his hat with visible mold growing on it.

"Hi the mould in the flat is now making my own clothes and possessions mouldy. Please can this be sorted ASAP, I've asked so many times now," his tweet said. He alleged that his landlord responded by asking if he was "sure" that the mold wasn't just an acid wash effect, which can create white patterns on clothing.

Newsweek reached out to Jacques via direct message on Twitter for comment, but did not receive a response to questions about the mold issue in time for publication. Newsweek is also attempting to contact his landlord and will update this story if a response is received.

In further tweets in the thread, Jacques shared more pictures of the mold on walls in his flat and on a chair. He also tagged English comedian Joe Lycett asking if he could help get his deposit back.

some more cute pics 😌😌😌 pic.twitter.com/bJaJ6db7ms

— jacques (@flamencolambada) August 22, 2020

In a response to another user, Jacques said that he moved out on August 14, but alleges that he hasn't gotten his deposit back. He said that he anticipates having to fight the landlord, as the landlord is seeking quotes for the repairs required.

moved out 14th Aug and they still haven’t “charged” me for the quoted works but they’ve said they’re getting quotations, so I know I’ll have to fight it as soon as they get back to me

— jacques (@flamencolambada) August 22, 2020

In response to a user asking if his lungs were okay, Jacques wrote that he'd cleaned the mold himself, allegedly leading to a hospitalization. Even though he says that he had to seek medical care after cleaning the mold, he said that he hoped there were "no long term health issues [though]."

Another Twitter user responded to his post by offering him help in possibly suing his landlord for not fixing the mold in a timely matter.

Despite sharing his frustrations with his landlords over the mold, Jacques did share photos of himself, assuring his followers that he was cleaner than his apartment, and plugged his OnlyFans account. "[I] am not mouldy myself," he tweeted.

i can assure you that i am not mouldy myself and may as well plug my OnlyFans x https://t.co/X84nZWlbff pic.twitter.com/4YX0P2uOIb

— jacques (@flamencolambada) August 22, 2020

Jacques' experience prompted other people to share their own nightmares, as well as other landlords to chime in, angry that the landlord didn't fix the issue.

This was my landlords response to no working boiler for 40 days. He also told us to shower at a gym none of us had memberships for. Landlords should not exist. pic.twitter.com/dJQ9LqhV5w

— Anna Horlick (@AnnaHorlick) August 22, 2020

Unbelievable. As a landlord myself, this is appalling. I go out of my way to make my tenants happy, and ensure they have a nice safe place to live. If it’s not illegal for him to refuse to fix this, it should at least weigh on one’s human conscience to do something about it.

— Kevin (@Dradjoon_Roar) August 22, 2020
Mold on a bedroom wall. Damp is a common cause of mould in housing leading to breathing problems. A Twitter user went viral after sharing his own photos of mold that had spread to his clothing. Getty/In Pictures Ltd./Corbis