Woman Finds Dead Baby Abandoned On Her Porch: Police

A dead baby was found abandoned on a Tennessee porch by a woman leaving her house, police say.

Southaven Police in Memphis were called after a woman found the abandoned newborn on a porch on Thursday, March 24. After police arrived, they soon realized the baby was dead.

The woman, a critical care nurse, found the boy naked and not breathing.

She told local news media the placenta was still connected and that she did not hear anyone knock on her door, or have any idea why the baby was left outside her home.

A Southaven Police Department (SPD) spokesperson said in a March 28 Facebook post they were concerned for the child's mother.

The spokesperson added: "This is an ongoing investigation and we ask that the families impacted by this are allowed to have their privacy during this difficult time.

"We are also asking that if anyone has information on the mother to please come forward. We are concerned for her health and well-being."

The statement continued: "We are asking for the help of the public to help identify this mother and infant. Together, we can move forward and provide the necessary resources for this mother and family."

Anyone with any information about the mother's identity is asked to call the Southaven Police Department on 662-393-8652 or email tips@southaven.org.

Newsweek has contacted the SPD for comment.

In most states, either parent can surrender their newborn child to a so-called "safe haven" location.

According to the Children's Bureau, the focus of the safe haven laws is to protect newborn children from endangerment by providing parents an alternative to criminal abandonment.

Some states require the newborn child is left at specific locations in order to be protected by the safe haven law.

The Save Abandoned Babies Foundation said more than 4,510 infants had been surrendered safely since the safe haven laws were introduced.

Newsweek has covered numerous emotive cases where newborns have been abandoned shortly after being born.

Last month, a woman gave birth to a baby on a sidewalk in Omaha, Nebraska, in freezing conditions.

According to local network KETV, the woman gave birth to the baby while it was just 15-degrees outside.

The 27-year-old woman was later tracked down by medics after she gave birth. Both the mother and child received medical care.

According to the Omaha World Herald, the woman refused help from Omaha Fire Department medics before she gave birth.

Stock image of police car
Stock image of police car. A baby was has been found abandoned on a porch in Tennessee. Getty