Rodent Droppings Found on Domino's Pizza Dough in Tennessee

A Domino’s Pizza restaurant in Johnson City, Tennessee, is earning a foul reputation after health inspectors discovered rodent droppings on 14 trays of raw dough in their kitchen.

After a photo was posted to Reddit which appeared to show rat feces strewn across lumps of dough at the Domino’s in Boones Creek, the state Health Department intervened.

On Wednesday, officials said they were investigating reports of “excessive rodent activity.” According to the inspection report, in addition to the droppings on the dough, large amounts were also found on the floor, shelves, in the bathroom, the walk-in coolers and inside empty boxes of chocolate lava cake.

Welcome to Domino’s in Johnson City, TN! And no, we don’t carry chocolate chip pizza dough... from r/pics

Management of the Domino’s restaurant stated that they “will remain closed until [the] facility is thoroughly cleaned.” The contaminated trays and food were immediately thrown out.

The official said he also saw invoices from pest control services pinned to the rodent control glue boards in the restaurant. Management claimed that the exterminator would carry out sweeps at night, after the facility was closed.

The inspection report stated that officials inspected a dough delivery truck and found no traces of contamination before it dropped off the product at the restaurant.

“Domino’s employees are currently cleaning shelving, floors etc. during our investigation,” the report added.

On Thursday, a Domino’s spokesperson said the discovery was “an extremely isolated incident, confined to a single store.”

According to News Channel 11, the facility’s issues with animals, rodents and insects date back to 2015. However, it is unclear whether the problems back then were related to the droppings found in the restaurant this week.

"We ate that pizza like a week ago. That's surprising to understand that they could find that and sell us that pizza," Jess Bowman, a local customer told WJHL.

Domino’s did not respond to a request for comment.

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