Tennessee Man Allegedly Murders Mother of His Children by Driving Back and Forth Over Her on Front Lawn

Stock image: A Memphis man has been charged with beating and murdering his wife. Getty Images

A Tennessee man has been accused of murdering his wife by repeatedly running her over and bashing her head with a rock.

Santrez Traylor, 34, was arrested by police on Sunday night after witnesses claimed they heard hearing the screams of Amanda Petrowski. Traylor has been arrested several times in the past for domestic abuse. He is also reportedly the father of the victim's children.

Speaking to Fox 5 News, neighbor Jay Smoot said things like this do not happen in the quiet area of Orange Mound, Memphis. "We saw a car driving back and forth across the lawn, and we didn't know what was happening from where we could see," Smoot said. "But it turned out we were witnessing the murder occurring. I didn't realize the severity of what was happening just right across the street."

Traylor allegedly beat the victim with either a brick or rock and then got in his car to drive across her body several times near the front porch. When police arrived, they reported discovered bloody tire tracks on the lawn. Traylor tried to flee once police arrived.

"He tried to flee the cops. He drove across the yard and into the street and the cops took off after him. That was the last of what we saw of the incident," Smoot said. "We feel bad for the kids and for her mother. I heard when they told her mother what happened, it was just gut-wrenching."

Traylor has been charged with second-degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault. Petrowski was pronounced dead at the scene. According to Commercial Appeal, Traylor had threatened to put a child "through the wall."

Earlier this month, an Australian man was found guilty of murdering his wife with a machete. Kevin John Keath had planned a suicide pact with his wife, Kerrie Ann, 68, in their York, Western Australia home. According to a suicide note left by Kerrie Ann, the deceased wife and mother had asked her husband to kill her because she was "not strong enough."

"To whom…please note Kevin and I have had a suicide pact for some time," she said in the letter. "You can see that my attempts have failed. I am not strong enough, so Kevin will dispatch me at my request and then himself as a loving act to me."

But after killing his wife, Keath had a last-minute change of heart and said he did not want to leave her body there to be eaten by rats. He told police he swung the machete too hard and feared he "had taken her head off." The murder took place on March 8. He was sentenced to a life sentence with a minimum sentence of 10 years on Friday.