Tennessee Man Paints 'Rape Kids' in Giant Letters on His Rooftop, Police Say

A Tennessee man who has raised concern in his neighborhood for spray painting "rape kids" on the roof of his house last week, has been arrested over a separate incident.

Darrell Chadima, of Madisonville, has been charged with filing a false police report about a local sheriff.

Chadima told officers that someone had broken into his house, woke him up and told him "if he didn't stop what he has been doing, they would feed him to the pigs on their farm," according to a Monroe County Sheriff's Office incident report seen by KHOU.

He is known by authorities following a number of concerning incidents, the latest being the signs he erected outside his home. Last month, Chadima put up a sign reading "rape kids" in his yard, along with his phone number.

He has also posted other signs raying "rape your lil girl?" and "rape your child", as well as painting "rape kids" in huge letters on his rooftop.

Neighbors alarmed after 'rape kids' painted on roof of Tennessee home https://t.co/gwQGMBALOd #KHOU

— KHOU 11 News Houston (@KHOU) March 2, 2021

Monroe County Sheriff's Office said that Chadima has not been arrested for the signs because they are displayed on his own property.

"I've worked a lot of weird cases over the years, but this one is something else," Captain Mack Williams told KHOU.

"We can't arrest him for the signs. That's law. I mean he can put a sign up in his yard if he wants to, but ain't nothing nobody can do about it."

Chadima is said to have put up the signs because he was upset that a neighbor had accused him of being a pedophile, rather than advocating for child abuse.

"Mr. Chadima said that he felt like no one would help him, so he placed the signs up with his phone number listed on them, and if anything had a question about him they could call the number," the incident report said. "Mr. Chadima said that he wants to help children and has helped children."

Chadima posted photographs of the signs onto social media, as well as making reference to the man who he claims entered his home.

"I have been told by one of the most respected men in Monroe County I quote if I don't stop this he will feed me to the pigs on his farm," Chadima wrote on February 28, prior to his arrest.

Williams said Chadima indicated the sheriff himself was the man he claims broke in and threatened him.

"The sheriff was at home in bed asleep with his wife when it happened," Williams said.

Other previous incidents involving Chadima include telling his neighbors how he raped a girl, without specifying when or where.

Chadima also said that he raped his neighbor's son in the past. The deputy who arrested Chadima said he referred the matter to the Department of Children's Services.

Elsewhere, a student at a local high school reported that Chadima "would not leave him alone" and allegedly text him death threats, as well as messages that suggested he wanted to have sex with him.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office has been contacted for further comment.

(File photo) Police tape hangs across the street on February 26, 2005 in Park City, Kansas. A Tennessee man who has raised concern in his neighborhood for spray painting "rape kids" on the roof of his house has been arrested on suspicion of filing a false police report. Larry W. Smith/Getty