Once You See Tennessee Titans President Steve Underwood's Facial Hair, You Can't Un-See It

Tennessee Titans president Steve Underwood announced on Friday that he's retiring, but a portion of the internet was less concerned with that news, and more interested in the man's—ahem—unique facial hair.

First, let's get to the retirement. In a statement, Underwood discussed the difficulty of stepping down from the role that he's held since 2015. "When I am asked what's the most important thing that I'll remember from the time I've spent in the National Football League, it will be all the great people that I have gotten to work with," he said. "Stepping away from something you love is never easy. But sooner or later, even something this good has to come to an end."

Now, that's all well and good, but Underwood's facial hair definitely stole the spotlight—at least for some people online. Even if you're not concerned with football, his mouth-consuming combination of mustache and goatee can't be ignored, as CBS' Pick Six podcast pointed out on Twitter. You can see it below, but to clarify: This isn't a photoshop job or some sort of camera glitch—this is really his facial hair.

You may look at a headline saying "Titans President Steve Underwood Retiring" and not pay much attention... but we NEED to talk about this facial hair. pic.twitter.com/Krrv6F4BhM

— Pick Six Podcast (@picksixpod) May 8, 2020

Incredible facial hair situation here pic.twitter.com/PYhgdlS3BM

— Yashar Ali 🐘 (@yashar) May 8, 2020

People did start playing around with Underwood's epic facial hair once it made the rounds, and began photoshopping it on different people. Fantasy sports and betting site Draftkings honored Underwood by putting his facial hair on various Titans players, including QB Ryan Tannehill, running back Derrick Henry and wide receiver A.J. Brown. Podcast host Bailey Carlin put Underwood's facial hair over the Batman villain Bane, as a very effective replacement for his normal mask.

In honor of @Titans President Steve Underwood (and his incredible facial hair) retiring: pic.twitter.com/WIWpL1oolH

— DraftKings (@DraftKings) May 8, 2020

Bane, but with Steve Underwood's facial hair instead of his normal mask pic.twitter.com/UVKNjpbAYk

— B. W. Carlin (@BaileyCarlin) May 8, 2020

Speaking of masks: Naturally, with people required to wear masks due to the coronavirus pandemic, some Twitter users couldn't help but notice that his facial hair bears a resemblance to a safety mask. CBS Sports host Chris Hassel remarked that it looks like an N95 mask, and journalist Bilge Ebiri wrote that it looks like he doesn't need to worry about wearing a mask outside.

So that’s what an N95 mask looks likehttps://t.co/03GQoKahU0

— Chris Hassel (@Hassel_Chris) May 8, 2020

tfw u don't need a mask https://t.co/z4QNvbpVFH

— Bilge Ebiri (@BilgeEbiri) May 8, 2020

The Titans Steve Underwood’s mustache thing serves as a legit COVID mask. pic.twitter.com/WDxO3NSP8Y

— Dustin Dietz (@DustinDietz18) May 8, 2020

Many people simply wondered how—and why—Underwood sculpted his facial hair this way. One person said that the 'stache is going to serve as inspiration for his own grooming decisions in quarantine. Another user pointed out that the facial hair could be a fire-hazard if Underwood is a smoker.

The inspiration for my next quarantine mustache:https://t.co/1Lof7NhaKE

— Coach Conway BLM (@ImCharlieConway) May 8, 2020

If the wind blew while he smoking whole shit would catch fire steve Underwood how you eat with this pic.twitter.com/yRvXXyBuuN

— 1way Irv (@1wayIrv) May 8, 2020

But back to business: Underwood will be succeeded by Titans Senior Vice President/Business Operations & Chief Legal Officer Burke Nihill, who doesn't appear to have any sort of startling facial hair, in case you were wondering. According to the Houston Chronicle, Underwood's retirement comes after 40 years working with the organization. Despite stepping down as president, he will serve as a special advisor to owner Amy Adams Strunk. Underwood had originally retired from his senior executive vice president and general counsel position in 2011, but returned in 2015 as the Titans' president and CEO.

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