Tensions Rise on 'Little Women: LA' Between Terra and Elena Over Girls' Trip Drama in Exclusive Clip

Little Women: LA returns to Lifetime Thursday night, and tensions are on the rise after a girl's trip to Placerville leaves unresolved issues amongst the women. In an exclusive clip obtained by Newsweek, Little Women: LA star Jasmine Arteaga Sorge causes a bit of awkwardness by asking if everything is "fine" after Placerville.

"Well, I'm to see all of you girls here. You guys seem like you're fine," Sorge said. "You guys good since Placerville?"

Nope, things are not fine. Terra Jole quickly interjected that "silence is bliss," which later led to a screaming match between her and fellow co-star Elena Gant.

"I just don't think the way you behaved was necessary," Jole said in regards to Gant's unwillingness to participate in the scheduled activities. "I feel like Mika went above and beyond."

"For you, she did," Gant fired back.

Things continued to escalate from there, as Jole said Gant was a "Debbie Downer" during the girl's holiday: "You even said, 'this is the worst trip.'" While Tonya Reneé Banks seemed to take the high road, Christy McGinity Gibel seemed to be in agreement with Jole, mimicking Gant by looking "bored" and saying, "I have nothing better to do, let me look at my nails."

"Why are you trying to change me," Gant questioned, after going back-and-forth with Jole.

"It's not that I'm trying to change you," Jole answered. "It's that I don't want you to be disrespectful of my friend."

"They girls don't really know what's going on with me, and I don't want them to know," Gant said to the camera. "I just want them to leave my s*** alone."

In last week's episode, Gant didn't seem impressed with Mika Winkler's attempts at friendship. Taking the girls to a neighborhood bar and surprising Sorge with an American Idol contestant she had previously competed with, Gant ended up getting up and abruptly leaving for the hotel.

"I flew here all the way from LA, leaving my husband and my kids at home," Gant said to the camera. "Trying to get to know Mika better, dragging us around, doing things that we don't want to do."

"I'm tired of all this b***s***," she added.

Find out what happens after the dust settles when Little Women: LA airs Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.