The Term 'Bandersnatch' Has Quite the History, Including Early Mention in 'Black Mirror' Series

The highly anticipated Bandersnatch trailer left Black Mirror fans with unanswered questions and speculations.

While the public will have to wait until Friday to find out what the Black Mirror creators have in store, somehow already figured out that the concept of a 1984 video game is nothing new. The term "Bandersnatch" was first mentioned in the series way back in season 3.

Bandersnatch also has quite a role in pop culture — outside of the Black Mirror world.

Most likely the first mentioning of this word was in Lewis Carroll's novels Through the Looking Glass (1872) and The Hunting of the Shark (1874).

The canine-like beast is described as ferocious and ominous – could we expect the same out of the Black Mirror-version?

It's not certain how much of an inspiration Carroll was for this feature-length special, however, it can be concluded that it is largely inspired by the real 1984 video game.

Image Software developers began created Bandersnatch in 1984, but it never saw the light of day.

The Liverpool-based company went broke just 18 months later, according to a Bustle report.

A Reddit user made the connection of Black Mirror's season 3 "Playtest" were a review of the video game "Bandersnatch" was seen on the front cover of Edge Magazine.

In the scene, Sonja uses the magazine to encourage Cooper to take the mysterious job with video game company SaitoGemu.

Despite the distinct ties in literary culture, there's no way to conclude how Black Mirror will transform the Bandersnatch until its premiere Friday.