Chihuahua Looks 'Terrified' As He Sidles Up to Sleeping Cat in Cute Video

Hilarious footage of a chihuahua tentatively trying to position himself alongside an increasingly agitated cat who has had its afternoon nap rudely interrupted has captured the imagination of dog lovers across social media.

The tiny canine's courageous efforts were chronicled in a clip uploaded to TikTok by leafygarnish. Originally posted on January 8, three different versions of the video have now been shared, drawing in an accumulated 51 million views.

The most recent of the three videos has amassed over 32 million views with dog and cat fans alike flocking to comment on the high-stakes animal drama.

In the video, the unnamed chihuahua can be seen attempting to back his way into the cat's bed, where an increasingly frustrated feline is watching on.

The tiny dog is positively shaking from the tension of it all, as he edges back, eager to take up the vacant space alongside the cat in what is an especially comfy-looking bed.

Matters are made even more dramatic by the presence of a second cat, watching on in the background as the drama unfolds.

Throughout his maneuvering the chihuahua can be seen nervously glancing over at the cat who, at one point, emits a meow that probably translates as something a little stronger in cat-speak.

Thankfully, for this particular pet pooch, the mission goes off without a hitch and he is able to settle in next to the evidently disgruntled feline. The clip can be watched here.

The suspense of it all proved engrossing to say the least for fans on TikTok.

"The dog is literally shaking," Mira Imani wrote. Jenny Torres agreed: "Poor thing looks terrified for his life."

IamLetitiaGarner was a big fan of the "the cat watching in the back" who was giving off a clear vibe of "let's see how this goes."

Others like Bonnie Spencer, suspected there was more to the video than first meets the eye, writing: "Why do I feel like that's the dog's bed but the cat owns it now?!"

LauraLove, meanwhile, had a special appreciation for the dozing cat and the way they looked at the invading pooch with an air that said: "the audacity of dogs!"

FTC also reserved a shout-out for the way the chihuahua edged himself into position commenting "he parallel parked into that."

This isn't the first time a dog has gone viral after invading a cat's personal space. One clip chronicling a similar encounter previously went viral thanks, in no small part, to the cat's hilarious reaction to the ensuing chaos.

These kinds of encounters can go well though. For example this dog had a heartwarming reaction when a tiny kitten came over for a cuddle.

Though cats and dogs have been known to clash, it's a different story when it comes to pet felines and chihuahuas.

According to Rainbow Veterinary Hospital, "chihuahuas generally make good companions for cats."

"In fact, many of them are actually smaller than most cats; you might have to stop the cat from chasing the dog, instead of the other way around," it said. "These dogs are confident and energetic—if your cat can accept that, the two may very well get along wonderfully."

Newsweek has contacted leafygarnish for comment.

A cat and a chihuahua.
Stock image of a cat and a chihuahua. A video of a petrified pooch sliding in next to a dozing feline has proven a huge hit on TikTok. ToL_U4F/Getty

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