Terrifying Video of Teeth-Baring Sea Creatures Has Viewers 'Screaming'

Unsettling footage of a handful of teeth-baring sea creatures has taken the internet by storm and may have even left some viewers suffering from a few sleepless nights.

In a nightmarish clip that has earned cinematic comparisons with everything from Ridley Scott's Alien to the Netflix series Stranger Things, a group of at least five of the sea creatures can be seen writhing around on screen.

What makes the clip especially unsettling, however, are the impressive sets of teeth each of the worm-like animals possess.

It's pure nightmare fuel and comes courtesy of TikTok user sea.thinh1aq who regularly posts clips chronicling the unusual sea life they encounter. The video, which can be watched here, has already racked up over 10 million views.

The mysterious alien-like appearance of the animals in the clip should not come as a huge surprise, given the mysteries lurking in the deep blue.

According to scientists writing in a 2011 study published in the Public Library of Science Biology, as much as 91 percent of all ocean species have yet to be classified.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association also estimates that more than 80 percent of the planet's oceans are unmapped, unobserved and unexplored.

In the case of this particular clip, however, the TikToker posting the footage does offer some explanation, claiming that the animals in the clip are in fact baby wolffish.

According to the charity Oceana, wolffish, or Atlantic Wolffish to give them their full name, are located in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Known for their unique bloodwork, which contains several compounds to stop the fish freezing, they have been known to reach lengths of up to five feet.

However, even as tiny babies their appearance has proven unsettling enough for viewers on social media, who flocked to the clip reacting with a mixture of fear, disgust and general curiosity.

AABattery commented "what in the Stranger Things," with Coffee Addict in agreement that they looked like "demogorgon tadpoles"—a reference to the monster that features prominently on the hit series.

Piper CJ said: "The ocean is monster soup I can't be convinced otherwise," with dudeitsethan1 adding: "I'm an expert on this stuff since I play a lot of Pokémon."

Elsewhere, AllieRyan pondered: "Should I feel old that everyone's first thought is Stranger Things and mine is Alien?"

Others, meanwhile, were completely terrified.

D_ylwrld commented: "I almost threw my phone," while Freckled Zelda said they were "Screaming, crying, throwing up."

Kyle98138 said: "Someone tell me what this is and where it is from so I can never ever go there, EVER," with leo_isnt_happy adding: "See this why I don't go outside no more."

Responding to the comments and confusion, the original poster sea.thinh1aq said "they're wolf fish guys," adding: "They are considered 'monsters' in the ocean because they have extremely sharp teeth and are very aggressive."

Newsweek has contacted sea.thinh1aq for comment.

A wolf fish eel underwater.
Stock image of a wolffish. Footage appearing to show a young school of wolffish has left viewers feeling a little unsettled. gyro/Getty