Terry Crews Threatens to 'Slap' D.L. Hughley for Mocking His Sexual Assault Allegation

Several high-profile names came forward sexual misconduct allegations in the early days of #MeToo, including actor Terry Crews. Unlike many other apparent victims willing to share their accounts, Crews has been mocked by some for doing so. After Crews discovered D.L. Hughley teased his alleged assault experience, the actor blasted him in response.

Hughley, 55, addressed allegations made via Twitter in October 2017 by Crews, 50, in an August 2018 interview via Vlad TV. He suggested Crews should've easily been able to defend himself against his apparent attacker since he has "muscles,"

"I think that it's hard for me to think that a dude with all those muscles cannot tell an agent to touch his ass," he said. "I just do. I don't understand it. I think that now, everybody's so into this notion that 'it happened to me, too.' Hey, motherf***er. God gave you muscles so you could say no and mean it," he added.

Crews came across Hughley's former comments on Sunday. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star subsequently slammed the comedic actor for denouncing his apparent interaction.

"I have looked up to you my whole career as one of the funniest most talented people I've ever seen. I remember when I saw you warming up the crowd at FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR and I thought 'this man is a genius,'" Crews tweeted. "But now you are an example of when comedy turns to sarcasm and cynicism. You find it extremely easy to get jokes at someone else expense. You mock my success, but all I ever did was support you," he added.

"You @50cent @unclerush and @tariqnasheed have decided my sexual assault was hilarious, whereas there are a whole generation of black women and men who don't think it's funny. ABUSERS PROTECT ABUSERS but they MOCK SURVIVORS as well. When you see me, keep it moving," he added.

Crews's choice words for Hughley didn't end there as he then threatened to "slap the s***" out of The Hughleys alum for suggesting he didn't do all he could to prevent the situation from escalating.

Crews, 50, first opened up about allegedly being groped by Adam Venit, who is a former agent at William Morris Endeavor (WME), via Twitter in October 2017. He said The New York Times's Harvey Weinstein exposé was "giving me PTSD" because he claimed "this kind of thing happened" to him as well.

Crews was allegedly groped by Venit in 2016 at a Hollywood event while with his wife, Rebecca King. The NFL alum filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department in November 2017.

In September 2018, it was announced that Venit would step down from his role at WME. Venit's roster of clients had included Adam Sandler, Emma Stone and Eddie Murphy. "Terry Crews, Adam Venit, and WME have settled the lawsuit Mr. Crews filed last year," WME said in a statement to Deadline. "It will be dismissed."

Venit issued an apology letter, which was shared by Crews via Twitter in September 2018. The former agent said he'd take "full responsibility" for the incident.

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Terry Crews said he's "slap the s***" out of D.L. Hughley after actor mocked his sexual assault allegations. Here, Crews is pictured attending the 76th Annual Golden Globe Nominations Announcement on December 6, 2018, in Beverly Hills, California. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Terry Crews Threatens to 'Slap' D.L. Hughley for Mocking His Sexual Assault Allegation | Culture