Tesla Built-In Camera Captures the Moment 'Very Angry' Woman Keys Car in School Parking Lot

A built-in camera on a Tesla car captured the moment a "very angry" woman keyed the vehicle, according to reports.

The owner of the 2018 Tesla Model 3, Alan Tweedie, parked the car in the parking lot of Legacy High School in Broomfield, Colorado, while he watched his daughter's soccer game on Saturday morning, CBS4 reported. But when he arrived back at the car, he noticed that someone had keyed it, leaving a deep scratch along the driver's side.

"You can feel down to bare metal, and you can see it's scratched all the way completely through the paint," Tweedie told CBS4.

When he arrived home, Tweedie decided to view footage captured by the car's nine in-built, motion-activated cameras. And one video revealed the culprit.

"A woman distinctly came around with a key in her hand, dug it right in the side, walked it all the way up," Tweedie said. "Very angry, very purposeful, definitely trying to conceal it."

Tweedie said he doesn't know the woman and doesn't have any idea why she would have caused the damage.

Following the incident, he shared the video of the crime on Facebook, where it has been shared more than 100,000 times. Tweedie also reported the incident to Broomfield police, who are now investigating.

"It really speaks to the level of anger for a crime like this that so many people are willing to spread it and share the word and try to help us find it—because nobody likes this," Tweedie said. "This is my car, but it could be yours next."

The car owner also had a message for the culprit. "Turn yourself in. Do the right thing. Be a better person than you were yesterday, when you were gouging the side of my car," he said.

A spokesperson for Broomfield police said it is often difficult to identify the individuals responsible for these types of crimes due to a lack of physical evidence. In this case, they estimated that the damage caused could total more than $2,000.

Police are urging anyone who has information about the woman in the video to come forward by calling 303-438-6400.

Tesla—the electric car manufacture owned by billionaire Elon Musk—released a software update in September 2018 for those vehicles with Autopilot hardware, enabling owners to access footage captured by cameras on their cars, which are normally used by the vehicle to collect information about its surroundings. The feature was intended for security purposes.

A Tesla vehicle is seen at a dealership on January 3 in Miami. Joe Raedle/Getty Images