Tesla Slides Down Snowy Street and Collides With Car in Viral Video

A video of a Tesla sliding down a steep, snowy street in Scotland and crashing into another car has gone viral on Twitter, as the U.K. feels the effects of Storm Darcy.

Des Tinney shared the video on Twitter, writing: "Dangerous conditions in downtown Glasgow." The clip opens with the Tesla parked at the top of Blythswood Street in Glasgow before the driver attempts to drive slowly down the road. Another car is parked toward the bottom.

A person near the parked car can be heard shouting, warning the Tesla driver to wait, but another person on the video tells them the driver can't stop, as the car begins to slip.

The driver loses control and the Tesla slowly crashes into the side of the parked car before hitting a road sign and coming to a halt. One of the people who tried to warn the Tesla driver then calls him a "f****** idiot."

Dangerous conditions in downtown Glasgow #snow #tesla pic.twitter.com/lsMnw15myJ

— Des Tinney 💙 (@Des_Tinney) February 8, 2021

The video has been viewed more than 450,000 times and has been shared almost 2,000 times at the time of writing.

British TV weather presenter Laura Tobin shared Tinney's video, warning her 170,000 Twitter followers: "Treacherous conditions on the roads today. The advice is, do not travel unless absolutely necessary and if you do, slow down, leave space, allow extra time and take warm clothes with you."

Tinney shared a second clip of another car skidding down the same street and crashing into the parked car.

He later told Newsweek he felt "helpless" to prevent the Tesla collision, adding: "We made sure everyone was safe before posting [the video]. We moved further up the hill and stopped many other vehicles doing the same."

The second video was shared by another Twitter user who has amassed more than 240,000 views. The user, a podcaster known as Beans, wrote: "I have a lot of time for the boy recording this pile-up whilst calmly telling the screaming lassy to chill out."

I have a lot of time for the boy recording this pile up whilst calmly telling the screaming lassy to chill out pic.twitter.com/89WoFJ7eP1

— beans (@fatboybeans) February 8, 2021

A Glasgow photographer shared an image of what appears to be the same Tesla the next day, still hitting the road sign but covered in snow. The photographer wrote: "Ouch!!!!!! Tesla casualty this morning."

Ouch!!!!!! Tesla casualty this morning. 😲 pic.twitter.com/N2nJKqRvFQ

— Glasgow Night Photo (@GlasNightPhoto) February 9, 2021

Not everyone trying to negotiate Glasgow's snowy streets was as unlucky as the cars in the viral videos. A bus driver in the city has been praised by locals for successfully driving up steep Edgefauld Road in the snow. Glaswegians have been making the most of Storm Darcy, with residents seen sledding and even skiing down the city's steepest streets.

A weather warning is in place for much of Scotland. Snow is expected to continue this afternoon, with more forecast overnight.

Glasgow Snow
People walk up hilly Gardner Street in Glasgow as snow blankets the city on February 9. A Tesla was filmed colliding with another car on Blythswood Street, in a video that has gone viral on Twitter. Andy Buchanan/Getty