Texas Father Fatally Shoots Son Multiple Times After Dispute—Police

A father in Houston, Texas, has been arrested after allegedly shooting and killing his adult son following a dispute.

Police responded to the shooting in the 6200 block of Rollingbrook Drive around 12:36 a.m. on Tuesday. The police arrived at the home to discover the son had been shot multiple times. Officers were able to recover the weapon used in the shooting.

Authorities say the father and son were engaged in an altercation before the shooting occurred. They are continuing to investigate the incident to understand whether the father had acted in self-defense. He is being questioned by the police and remains in custody.

"The father, who is a suspect, took out a weapon and shot his son multiple times," Lieutenant Emanuel Pavel said.

He continued: "We are still trying to gather as much information to see what exactly occurred and if it was self-defense."

Newsweek has contacted the Houston Police Department for comment.

In April 2021, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner spoke about gun violence in the city. He said citizens should assume everyone has a gun and to avoid confrontation following a shooting between an 8-month-old baby and his 3-year-old sibling.

"There are way too many guns on our streets, Turner said during a press conference.

He continued: "What I would say to anybody in the city of Houston, you [should] just assume that people are carrying a gun.

"What I mean by that is be very reluctant to engage in an argument with somebody on the street or somebody in a store, you name it. I just assume everybody is carrying a gun these days."

In a September 1, 2021 statement, Turner admitted that the state of Texas was facing increased gun violence.

In his statement, the mayor took issue with House Bill 1927 becoming law, allowing anyone who legally owns a gun to carry it in public without a permit or the training previously required for a permit.

"As Mayor of Houston, I am very concerned that the State of Texas loosened gun laws, especially during a time of increased gun violence," his statement read.

It continued: "Many Texans prize their Second Amendment rights, but the Second Amendment does not provide for the right of reckless endangerment.

"According to Everytown for Gun Safety, handgun homicide rates increase 11 percent and violent crime increases 13-15 percent in states that weaken their permitting process.

"Under this bill, even a law-abiding citizen can become a danger. Someone who has literally no firearms training and has never even fired a gun could legally carry a gun. They could become a danger to themselves and others due to mishandling a deadly weapon."

Stock image of a gun. A father was arrested after shooting his son due to a disagreement, according to the police Getty Images