Texas Girl Gets Trapped In Sewage Drain By Two Large Snakes Guarding the Exits

A 12-year-old girl in Southlake, Texas, needed to be rescued after becoming trapped in a sewage drain along with two snakes.

Sisters Tori and Carly (no surnames provided) were in the final days of a two-week quarantine when they explored the area outside their home, the Southlake Departments of Public Safety (SDPS) said.

While outside, Tori crawled into a drainage pipe through a tight tunnel, before trying to return back.

But when she moved to the entry point, the 12-year-old saw a large black snake in front of her. She instead went deeper into the tunnel to try and find another way out.

In a Thursday Facebook statement, the SDPS said "Going out the way she came in was not an option for Tori, so she wriggled past a storm grate and tried to take the other drainage pipe.

"There was another black snake there too. Sister Carly wanted to help and crawl in, but when she saw the second snake, she was like 'nope.'"

At one point Carly told Tori "just close your eyes and crawl under it before mom finds out," to which her sister burst into tears, leaving both to conclude they needed help.

Carly then ran back home to get their mother in the hope an adult could lift the storm grate and get Tori out.

The SDPS statement continued: "Mom came out, failed at lifting the heavy grate and she gave Tori the option to crawl past a snake (either/ or, dealer's choice), or call the Southlake and Fire Departments to rescue her. She chose Southlake Police and Fire, baby."

Police and fire department crews arrived in minutes and were able to lift the grate up "after about 90 seconds," according to the SDPS.

SDPS said in the same statement that no snakes were harmed during the rescue.

In its Facebook post, the SDPS said: "We know now they were rat snakes, but imagine for a second poor Tori feeling like she was in the snake pit of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first movie of the Indiana Jones trilogy."

The Texas rat snake is a non-venomous subspecies of the more commonly found rat snake, which can be found in much of the northern hemisphere.

According to the Austin Reptile Service, the adults are usually around 4 to 6 feet long but have been seen to grow as large as 7 feet.

It added: "The Texas Rat Snake will eat any kind of rodent, bird, or bird eggs. They are excellent climbers and will go into attics and under homes in search of prey.
These snakes are very defensive when cornered or captured."

Girl trapped in drainage pipe
Photos showing Tori in the drainage pipe. Rescuers managed to rescue the girl within 90 seconds. SDPS