High School Student Injures Teacher in 'Aggressive' Classroom Attack—Officials

A Texas high school student has allegedly attacked and injured a teacher inside the classroom, according to reports.

The alleged attack happened at Elkins High School, in Fort Bend County, at about 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday, according to ABC13.

Fort Bend Independent School District (ISD) police said the student engaged in aggressive behavior and injured the teacher while they were inside the classroom.

Fort Bend ISD officials told the network the student "engaged in aggressive behavior and injured a teacher."

A note written by the school's principal Cynthia Ward, obtained by the network, said the hallways were kept clear following the attack.

The note added that classes have now resumed as normal at the school.

Ward wrote: "We are grateful for the quick response of EMS to assist with this matter. I want to take a moment to thank our campus officers and the classroom staff for their quick assistance to help resolve this matter and keep our students safe."

It is unclear what condition the teacher is in and whether disciplinary action has been taken against the student.

Newsweek has contacted Ward and the Fort Bend County ISD for comment.

According to U.S. News & World Report, a media company that publishes rankings and analysis, listed Elkins High School at 2,082 in its national school rankings.

The media group also ranked the school at 192 in Texas High Schools and 55 in the Houston Metro Area high schools.

Texas' Safe Schools Act gives teachers the power "to initiate the formal removal of a student" who is disruptive or violent.

The state also mandates the removal of a student and putting them in a disciplinary alternative education program for more serious misconduct, such as assault that results in bodily injury.

Earlier in October, a video recorded by children at Covington High School, in Louisiana, showed a 64-year-old teacher being punched several times by a student.

Sergeant Edwin Masters, the press information officer for the Covington Police Department, previously told Newsweek that the teacher is disabled and needs a cane as she has difficulty walking.

Masters then told Newsweek that the attack could have been part of a TikTok challenge where students attack teachers.

It comes after the California Teachers Association issued a warning about the "slap a teacher" challenge on Facebook.

The post said: "Educators beware. One of the latest trends on social media is a 'challenge' that encourages students to physically attack ('slap') educators and video record it."

"It is from the same 'devious lick' challenge that last month saw students vandalize public school restrooms and destroy school property across the country."

Empty Classroom
A photograph of an empty classroom in Spain. A Texas student allegedly attacked a teacher in a classroom. Miguel Pereira/Getty Images