Texas Man Killed Prominent Lawyer Because She Voted for Joe Biden: Police

A police affidavit has revealed the extreme motivations allegedly driving the assault and murder of a prominent El Paso lawyer couple.

Joseph Angel Alvarez, 38, was arrrested on Wednesday in connection with Georgette Garcia-Kaufmann's death and Daniel Kaufmann's assault. The State Bar of Texas lists the Kaufmanns as lawyers for the Texas Attorney General's Office.

Court documents suggest the suspect's political views and "extremist religious beliefs" may have played a role in his alleged shooting spree.

The affidavit states how an email written by the suspect outlines why he selected the house on Memorial Park.

As reported by KFOX14/CBS4, the affidavit states there were visible indications that the occupants supported President Joe Biden and flew a Biden "flag and [had] a doll of [Donald] Trump hanging."

Alvarez is also said to have believed the area where the victims lived in Memorial Park, Texas, was a hub for satanic activities. Court documents state the suspect considered Memorial Park as a "ritualistic satanic ground to conduct abortions by manner of magic."

According to the affidavit, Alvarez said he was "executing and exterminating the pro-choice Jewish Satan worshippers" when he allegedly decided to target the Kaufmanns' property for the shooting.

In the email sent on the night of the killing referring to the satanic rituals at the park, Alvarez also reportedly announced his intention to kill the people living in the houses near the park.

In the message, he demanded people "stop all murder of babies, while also making reference to former President Trump and President Biden.

El Paso murder
Homicide suspect Joseph Angel Alvarez (L) and victim Georgette Garcia-Kaufmann. El Paso Police Department / Facebook

The affidavit describes how Alvarez performed reconnaissance of Memorial Park four days prior to the shooting to photograph potential targets at the park.

At approximately 7:35 p.m. on November 14, the suspect allegedly ambushed and fatally shot Georgette Garcia-Kaufmann as she returned home.

Daniel Kaufmann is thought to have heard noises and walked to the back door where he was then allegedly shot by Alvarez.

On September 8, 2021, the El Paso Police Department SWAT team and detectives swooped to arrest Alvarez where he worked, following investigations using a Google geofence search warrant.

Detectives brought Alvarez before judge Humberto Acosta, who set a $2 million bail for the murder plus another $500,000 for the aggravated assault.

Daniel Kauffman is reported as expressing relief Alvarez had been charged but added it could never bring his wife back.

Alvarez is currently incarcerated at the El Paso County Detention Facility, Downtown.

The investigation is still ongoing, and anyone with information on this incident can contact the police directly at 915-832-4400 or anonymously call Crime Stoppers of El Paso by phone at 915-566-8477 (TIPS).