Retired Texas Woman Inundated With Men Wrongly Turning Up Looking for Sex

A retired Texas woman has detailed how men have repeatedly been turning up at her home in the past year mistakenly looking for sex workers.

Elaine White of Plano, Texas, spoke to NBC 5 and explained the bizarre situation she often finds herself in.

She said that over 25 men of all ages and ethnicities have come to her house at various times of the day in search of sex workers.

"I am frustrated, I am irritated and I am beyond done," White said. "How can a man, a grown man, go to a house in a neighborhood, thinking they are going to get sex?

"As many hookers and prostitutes that are out there, go get one and leave me alone. I am not here for that."

Sex workers
A file photo of a man and a sex worker. A Texas woman has expressed her frustration at men mistakenly knocking at her home asking for sex workers. Getty

White explained the interaction she has had with the men who have arrived. She said they often say they are here for "an appointment for Nicky, Kelly [and] some are for Rhonda."

During her confrontations, White has told them that they have seconds to get off her property or she is going to call the police. White has a doorbell camera and has images of the individuals who have arrived at her home.

Police have spoken to White and said she may be the victim of a sex-trafficking ring, posing as a massage parlor, according to the NBC 5 report.

White continued: "Some sex website that nasty old men go on looking for sex. They pay Venmo for the services and then they get my address and then they come here."

White has since put up security signs on her property to try to deter the men who keep coming. Signs warning of trespassing and 24-hour video surveillance can be seen when approaching her front door.

One sign also highlights that she is a gun owner. Speaking on this fact she said: "Yes I have my Smith and Wesson 357 Magnum loaded next to me."

According to the criminal justice attorney Law Offices Randall B. Isenberg, prostitution remains illegal in the state.

The attorney's page on the prostitution page states: "Under Texas law, prostitution is generally a Class B misdemeanor.

"The penalty for prostitution in Texas is the potential for several months in jail and significant fines.

"A second or subsequent conviction calls for more substantial punishments, including up to two years in state prison.

The page goes on to explain the details regarding the illegality of prostitution and how it is defined.

"Like most states, Texas has laws that make it illegal to commit prostitution. The crime of prostitution occurs when one party offers to engage in or engages in sexual behavior in exchange for money or another asset.

"It is possible to break the law if you offer sexual contact or solicit sexual behaviors in exchange for a fee.

"It is important to note that sexual contact does not need to happen to get convicted of this type of charge, and there is nothing in the law that says prostitution must occur in exchange for money.

"The fee may include any type of asset, including drugs, valuables, or currency."

Newsweek has contacted the Plano Police Department for comment.