Man Who Killed Grandmother and Great-Grandmother Lived with Bodies for Short While, Police Say

A man has been charged with murder after killing his 59-year-old grandmother and 90-year-old great grandmother after becoming "tired of them," Texas police say.

Jaryd Ramos, 22, of Philadelphia, briefly lived with the bodies of his victims after strangling both women at a home on the 24300 block of Kingbriar Drive in Spring on November 5, KTRK reported. The victims have been identified as Regina Gromley, 90, and Barbara Gromley, 59.

Ramos was detained Tuesday after officers from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office searched the home while following up on a missing person's report.

The investigation was sparked after the sheriff's office found the remains of an unidentified female behind an abandoned church on Westridge Road in Spring on December 8. The probe led them back to the Kingbriar Drive address lived in by the women. Ramos is believed to have moved into their residence in July.

Detectives interviewed Ramos about a missing persons report naming the women—filed by a concerned family member on November 26—and were given consent to look around the home.

It was during a search of the home when authorities discovered the body of the man's 90-year-old great-grandmother Regina Gromley. Her body was found inside a garbage can in the backyard, police said. Ramos then confessed to having strangled both of the victims earlier in the month.

The police said Ramos told detectives he killed them in the early hours of the morning and admitted to placing the 59 year old's body inside a plastic tote and dumping it behind the old church on November 25. He was taken into custody at the Montgomery County Jail, charged with capital murder.

The motive remains unknown.

Ramos told detectives he was "tired of them" after being asked about the motive, Lt. Scott Spencer told reporters during a press conference yesterday that was streamed to Facebook.

"The bodies were in the residence for a little while, based on his own confession and statements, then they were moved outside," Spencer said, referencing how the remains were stored.

According to Spencer, Ramos admitted to killing them both on the same day in the home, which was owned by the great-grandmother. Spencer said Ramos' actions appeared premeditated.

"He had done a lot of research and a lot of careful planning into what he had decided to do with the bodies in order to alleviate some of the smells or problems that can come from a decomposing body," Spencer said. "There were indications that there were thoughts or ideas of him doing this prior to the actual date that he said he killed them." He said the investigation is ongoing.

The suspect was described as being cooperative but unremorseful.

The investigation is being spearheaded by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office with assistance from the Harris County Sheriff's Office and the district attorney's offices of both regions.

"This is a horrific crime, and especially troubling during the holiday season," Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Regina and Barbara." The office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It was not immediately clear if Ramos will face additional criminal charges. An arrest mugshot of the suspect has not yet been published by law enforcement or the Montgomery County Jail.

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File photo: Crime scene tape. A man was charged with murder this week after allegedly killing his 59-year-old grandmother and 90-year-old great grandmother after becoming “tired of them,” Texas police say. iStock