Texas Non-Profit Announces $50K Annual Fund for Each Offensive Linemen Amid Recruiting Need

Some offensive linemen for the University of Texas Longhorns will be receiving $50,000 from a new non-profit.

A new charity called "Horns with Hearts" has announced a new scholarship program called "The Pancake Factory" that will begin in August 2022. The money will be rewarded to each offensive linemen on scholarship at the university by "The Pancake Factory" in exchange for their name, image, and likeness for charitable purposes. This announcement comes five months after the enactment of the Texas NIL law that allowed student-athletes to control their likeness. Once the program begins, all affiliated players will be able to make charitable appearances and organize in their communities.

"The new Texas NIL law which went into effect on July 1, 2021, changes an athlete's ability to use their NIL," explained Horns with Hearts in a press release. "This has created a unique opportunity for a charitable program to be created that will benefit players, charitable causes, and the University of Texas all collaboratively, and Horns with Heart was created with exactly that purpose in mind."

Horns with Hearts comes as the University of Texas attempts to recruit more impact players to their offensive line. According to Burnt Orange Nation, this is a "glaring position of need" within the Longhorns. The hope is that The Pancake Factory scholarship helps offensive linemen be recruited into the organization.

Six alumni from the University of Texas and supporters have contributed to the scholarship fund. However, their names were not disclosed in the press release. The Pancake Factory can cover up to 16 scholarship linemen.

For more reporting from the Associated Press, see below:

Longhorn Offensive
In an effort to recruit more impact offensive linemen, the non-profit "Hearts with Horns" announced the creation of "The Pancake Factory" which will award some University of Texas scholarship linemen with $50,000. Offensive running game coordinator Stan Drayton of the Texas Longhorns huddles with players before the game against the Rice Owls at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on September 18 in Austin, Texas. Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The organization said it hopes to expand the program to other football position groups and Longhorns athletes in the future. The name comes from the "pancake" blocks linemen sometimes do during play.

The alumni and supporters have "experience across multiple industries and disciplines to make a positive impact on local communities."

The effort is capped at $800,000 annually.

The announcement comes with early signing day for football recruits coming up on December 15. Texas finished 5-7 this season and won't play in a bowl game, and coach Steve Sarkisian has identified the offensive line as a key recruiting area.

It also comes days after another Texas name, image, likeness initiative, Clark Field Collective, announced it had $10 million in pledges to help facilitate NIL deals for Longhorns athletes across 17 varsity sports.

The NCAA earlier this year allowed college athletes to start earning money based on their fame and celebrity without fear of endangering their eligibility or putting their school in jeopardy of violating amateurism rules that had stood for decades.

Eyes of Texas
"Horns with Hearts" said said it hopes to expand the program to other football position groups and Longhorns athletes in the future. Texas players sing "The Eyes Of Texas" after defeating Kansas State 22-17 in an NCAA college football game in Austin, Texas on November 26. AP Photo/Chuck Burton