Texas Nurse Accused of Giving Her Daughter Unneeded Insulin After Fraudulent Diabetic Claim

A nurse in East Texas was arrested Thursday and charged with serious bodily injury to a child. The child in question was the nurse's daughter.

Ellen "Elle" Rupp-Jones was arrested in Anderson County — southeast of Dallas — for claiming her daughter had severe diabetes and subsequently injecting her with unneeded doses of insulin.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Rupp-Jones has told some whoppers of lies in recent years. She told some people her first husband died in combat, and the stress during her pregnancy led to losing her baby. Court documents show that she has also claimed to be an Air Force veteran who served in Iraq, and that she had also survived cancer.

A Fort Worth investigator traced all of these claims to a false string of lies, according to an affidavit.

But it was allegedly repeated injections of insulin into her daughter that led to a warrant from Tarrant County and arrest near Palestine, Texas, where Rupp-Jones was a registered nurse at Palestine Regional Medical Center. The mother and daughter had been living in the nearby town of Frankston.

Her daughter, Dani, was taken from her in January by the state's Child Protective Services (CPS) after allegations arose of Rupp-Jones giving Dani unneeded insulin, which led to dangerous levels of low blood sugar.

According to the Star-Telegram, Dani now lives in Fort Worth with her father, and she does not need insulin in conjunction with a balanced diet.

While Dani still lived with her mother, Rupp-Jones twice made pleas for help on KLTV, an East Texas news station to solicit money for her family to get a diabetic alert dog. A local church reportedly raised $4,000 for a "Paws for Dani" bank account that was drawn upon for everyday expenses, and the account shrunk to just $2.

"I think she is sick and has some deep issues that (have) to be resolved," said Debbi Cole, Dani's aunt. "We feel that there is a lot about her that we don't know about."

Tarrant County Sheriff's investigator Michael Weber was contacted by an endocrinologist at Cook's Children Hospital in Fort Worth who believed Dani had signs of insulin poisoning, as her blood sugar was low but her insulin levels high.

Weber said red flags were spotted when Rupp-Jones told the endocrinologist that she had diabetes herself, and that she was in the Air Force reserves and served in Iraq. The doctor, having also served in the military, said he knows diabetics are restricted from joining the military and those who are diagnosed with the disease — once they are in — must seek approval to remain in service.

Weber investigated and later found that Rupp-Jones did not serve in the military.

Rupp-Jones also reportedly told the doctor that Dani was diagnosed with diabetes from an endocrinologist in Louisville, Kentucky, which later turned out to be false, according to the report.

Weber said the Fort Worth endocrinologist told him that if a child who is not diabetic is given insulin, it "would cause a substantial risk of death, even if administered by a nurse."

The investigator gathered medical and health records of Dani, and only one showed a positive diagnosis of the disease, and that one was from fasting, the affidavit read.

The affidavit goes on to say Dani's father claimed to have never seen her have seizures or any other symptoms of low blood sugar when he saw Dani on regular visits. The affidavit states "that he had questioned the diabetes diagnosis with the suspect previously and that it upset the suspect greatly when he did."

Dani's father says Rupp-Jones is "extremely seeking attention."

Meanwhile, another ex-husband of Rupp-Jones sais she told him a plethora of claims he did not believe. Like how she said she was pregnant with their child that was still-born in a C-section. And although the man says Rupp-Jones had provided him ultrasound photos, no such activity took place, according to the family's medical insurance records.

And for the baby loss to a husband who supposedly died in combat? Rupp-Jones told this ex-husband that the man's sperm had been frozen to become pregnant with Dani. The investigation reveals the dead soldier's obituary indicated he was engaged to another woman at the time of his death.

When investigators confronted Rupp-Jones, she said she was trying to merely make her life sound more exciting.

"I lied about my life to embellish my life a little bit better," Rupp-Jones told Weber. "Sorry that my life is so (expletive) stupid and boring and nonchalant that I have nothing."

Rupp-Jones was being held in the Anderson County jail Thursday night, awaiting a bond to be set later by the Tarrant County magistrate.

Ellen Rupp-Jones
Ellen "Elle" Rupp-Jones was arrested in Anderson County — southeast of Dallas — for claiming her daughter had severe diabetes and subsequently injecting her with unneeded doses of insulin. She wass arrested June 6, 2019. Photo courtesy of Anderson County TX Sheriff's Department