Texas Police Find Woman Chained to Bed, Another Female Victim Dead in Burning Car

Detectives are hunting for a man after a woman was found chained to a bed, while the body of her friend was discovered in a burning car nearby. The woman made a frantic 911 call for help on Saturday night in Liberty County, Texas, news outlet KHOU 11 said.

Police arrived at the house in Rancho San Vicente, Liberty County, and found the distressed female chained by the ankle to the bed with a rope tied around her neck.

The body of her friend was discovered in a blazing car across the road. According to the media outlet, investigators said the caller had been sexually assaulted at gunpoint after arriving at the house with her friend. The victims, who have not been named, were allegedly lured to the house by a suspect named by police as 59-year-old Jose Marin Soriano.

The women had previously been hired to clean the house and the dead woman was told Soriano had lewd pictures of her, which he promised to delete if she came to the property, the news outlet reported.

Police told reporters that one of the women escaped and got into a car parked on the property. It is unclear if she tried to flee in her own vehicle or another car that was at the address on County Road.

(File photo)Yellow law enforcement line with police car and lights in the background. Police are hunting for a man after one woman was discovered dead in a blazing car while her friend was found chained to a bed in a nearby house after being allegedly sexually assaulted at gunpoint iStock

As she was reversing, it is understood she crashed into a wooded area across the street and was pronounced dead when officers arrived. The news site click2houston.com reported that the car burst into flames, however when the woman's body was examined, she had a suspected gunshot wound.

Police told reporters that the woman chained up inside the house was able to call for help using the suspect's phone, which he had left behind when fleeing the scene.
The traumatized victim was taken to hospital where she was treated and examined.

An autopsy is expected to be carried out on the dead woman to determine the exact cause of her death.

Her identity will not be released by authorities until next of kin have been informed.
Police have launched a manhunt for Soriano who they describe as "armed and dangerous".

Detectives are also investigating the full circumstances surrounding the incident.

Detectives believe Soriano is driving a gray Ford pickup truck and have asked anyone with any information about his whereabouts to call 936-336-4500 or the Crime Stoppers office on 1-800-392-STOP (7867)