Texas Power Outages Map, Updates as Winter Storm Leaves Thousands in Darkness

Winter Storm Landon has caused power outages across Texas as sleet and freezing rain continue to cause disruptions.

The winter storm is not expected to be as impactful as the freeze in 2021, but Texans have been told to take precautions against the wintry weather.

According to Poweroutage.US, there were over 50,000 power outages across Texas as of 5:00 a.m. CST. The areas most impacted were northern Texas and some of the central western counties.

Electricity providers Oncor, Farmers Electric Cooperative and Texas New Mexico Power have seen the highest amount of power outages for customers.

As of 4 a.m., Texas New Mexico has seen 3,516 power outages out of its 245,000 customers.

Farmers Electric Cooperative has seen 5,656 power outages out of its 103,198 customers.

Oncor has seen the most power outages across the entire state with 27,532 power outages out of its 3,835,950 customers.

Oncor's website features a message reassuring customers that work is being done to restore power. It also called on customers to use the website to report outages.

"We are closely monitoring and actively preparing for the arrival of a cold front anticipated to bring freezing temperatures and wintry precipitation, significant icing and bursts of high winds," the message stated.

"Resources and personnel are being pre-positioned ahead of the severe weather arrival to ensure any necessary restoration work can begin as soon and as safely as possible.

"If you need to report an outage or check the status of an outage, please use one of our customer engagement options for the latest updates

"Text OUT to 66267 on your cell phone or tablet, Download the MyOncor App, Visit www.Oncor.com to report an outage or call at 888.313.4747."

It closed by saying: "Safety for our employees and the public is our number one priority. If you see a downed power line stay away, keep others and pets away and call 911 immediately."

North Texas counties have seen the most outages due to the winter weather.

Collin County has seen 13,700 outages and its neighbor, Hunt County, has seen 11,092 outages. Fannin County has seen 1,661 outages while its neighbor, Lamar County, has seen only 681.

Delta County has also seen significant outages with 444 while Hopkins County has seen 655 outages. Dallas and Tarrant have also seen some power outages due to the weather. Tarrant has seen 2,547 outages while Dallas has seen 2,248.

Dallas Judge Clay Jenkins took to Twitter to announce that he had filed a disaster declaration due to the weather conditions on roads.

"Earlier tonight, I filed a disaster declaration due to the icy roads in the morning through Friday," he tweeted on Wednesday.

"This will speed help to first responders in the event our supplies or personnel are overstretched. We do not anticipate brownouts or grid issues except fallen tree limbs."

Elsewhere in central west Texas, Nolan, Runnells, Mitchell County and Raegan have also seen outages.

Nolan County has seen 914 outages, Runnels has seen 1,650, Mitchell has seen 73 and Reagan has seen 111.

Texans have also been warned against travel in the winter weather due to the impact snow and freezing rain could have on roads.

Power outage
Stock image of power lines covered in ice. A screenshot of power outages in Texas from website Poweroutage.US. Getty Image and Poweroutage.US

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