Texas Strip Club Hosts Drive-Thru Event With Socially Distanced Dancers

A Texas strip club hosted a drive-thru event in which performers danced for their customers at a distance.

The San Antonio Men's Club set up a drive-thru club in the parking lot where dancers performed on stages and customers never left their cars.

Albert Cortez, the Men's Club manager, told KENS5: "Entertainment is entertainment for different people. People do different things and I think we put on a good show.

"The DJ would play two songs and the girls would dance on the stages. Guys were able to throw out some money. We had some buckets out there they can put some ones in, while you sit in your car social distancing."

Cortez has said that he wanted to do something for his employees, as since the club has been shut and will remain shut for the foreseeable future, events like the drive-thru are the only way for his employees to make money.

Cortez told KENS5: "We did not think it was going to be that lucrative for the club. This was mostly for the entertainers, the independent contractors that work for us to come out and try to make a little more money and try to have a good time."

Drive Thru Strip Club Oregon
A patron leaves a tip during the Drive-thru at The Lucky Devil on May 1, 2020, in Portland, Oregon. The Lucky Devil inspired a strip club in San Antonio to host its own drive-thru event with socially-distanced dancers. Steve Dykes/Getty

The three-night event took place over the weekend and while there is no date confirmed for the next event, the manager has said it will take place in the near future.

Strippers have struggled in lockdown, with many not able to access unemployment benefits, and many not being paid by their employers while the clubs are closed.

Chase Kelly, who runs a consultancy that offers success coaching to strippers, told Forbes: "We are all out of work. There is little our clubs will do to help us. Still, some have been incredible. I've seen clubs that post their entertainers' social media profiles, OnlyFans links, and payment info online, which is really important because many of our regulars have no idea how to contact us.

"I've seen other clubs go silent, and a friend of mine's club refuses to pay her out money she's owed from past shifts, and she can't go after it aggressively because she needs the work when reopening finally occurs."

Some clubs are thinking of new ways to help their employees, like the San Antonio Men's Club, and the Lucky Devil Lounge in Oregon, which hosted a similar event in May and inspired the San Antonio club to set up its drive-thru show.

The Lucky Devil Lounge quickly adapted to social distance guidelines by setting up a show in the drive-thru—named Food to Go-Go—where dancers entertained guests while they waited for their order, Dazed Digital reports.

The idea for a drive-thru strip club came after the venue's success with a delivery service that saw topless dancers deliver food orders, which was set up in response to the club being closed in lockdown.

Shon Boulden, the owner, told Dazed: "Now we're in pandemic mode, you have to think of creative ways to make money and still be safe.

"When the governor shut down all the bars, restaurants, and strip clubs, we had to think really quickly about how we could pivot to something else."