Texas School District Investigating After Viral Video Shows White Student Hitting Black Teacher

An investigation is underway after a video showing a white student hitting a Black teacher went viral online.

The clip taken at Castleberry High School in Fort Worth, Texas, was posted on Twitter by Smash Da Topic, a local news platform, over the weekend.

The footage shows the student striking the teacher on the arm, before picking up a phone while yelling: "I'm calling my momma, you ain't about to f*** me up b****!"

Apparently on the phone with her mother, the girl says: "I need you to get over here now because this teacher is about to get f***** up if she doesn't get the f*** away from me.

"You want to talk to her 'cause she's Black and she's f******* pissing me off right now?" The girl then throws the phone in the teacher's direction before walking out.

In a statement posted on Twitter on Monday, Castleberry Independent School District said it is aware of the video.

"Castleberry ISD is aware of, and greatly disturbed by, videos of an incident circulating [on] social media in which a student booms aggressive toward an African American teacher, including attacking the teacher physically and making racially charged comments and threats," the statement said.

"We first want to commend the teacher for the calm demeanor and utter professionalism she demonstrated throughout the entirety of the incident, even when the situation turned violent and offensive. We support this teacher and her response in the strongest terms possible."

The school district said it "immediately" turned the matter over to law enforcement "because criminal activity occurred."

The district said it is also conducting its own investigation, which will include reviewing video footage and taking witness statements.

"Castleberry ISD will follow the law in allocating appropriate discipline," the statement added. "Harassment, racism, and violence against our teachers will not be tolerated at Castleberry ISD, and we will take swift and effective action to protect our teachers so that they can perform their duties and educate students in a safe environment."

The statement comes after the clip elicited indignation online.

"This is outrageous," Ben Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney, wrote alongside the video on Twitter.

"This Black teacher should be commended for keeping her composure in the face of such offensive criminal behavior by this student exhibiting her white privilege."

Crump also questioned what would have followed the encounter if it had been a Black student attacking a white teacher. "My question is can you imagine what she would have been charged with criminally if this was a black student and a white teacher?"

Castleberry ISD, Fort Worth Police and Crump's office have been contacted for additional comment.

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