Viral Video Shows Barricaded Students Being Rescued During School Shooting

A viral video has circulated on TikTok showing what purports to be the experience of a classroom during a school shooting.

The clip showed police entering the room after knocking down a barricade, sparking a wave of comments berating its effectiveness.

It makes the video just the most recent TikTok post to document the experience of a student during a school shooting, just a week after a Texas student went viral for her video of a shooting.

Posted four days ago, the video was shared by Tito Moto, who claimed it was taken by his nephew. Newsweek has not been able to verify the verity of the video. It already has over three million views. "There was a shooting at my nephew's school today," he captioned it.

The TikTok user did not specify where the school was located. Newsweek has contacted Moto for comment.

"Police show your hands. I'm going to knock down the barricade," said the officer in the clip before they opened the door, pushed the barricade over, and entered the classroom.

The student filming appeared to be hidden beneath the classroom desks, along with the rest of the class.

The barricade was made up of tables and chairs, and stood at just under three-quarters of the door's height.

The video can also be seen in full here.

All official guidelines recommend that classrooms use barricades if hiding, with the Department of Homeland Security advising: "Blockade the door with heavy furniture," and the CISA advising: "Block entry to your hiding place and lock the doors."

The classroom in the video followed guidelines, but commenters rushed to analyze the effectiveness of it with the police knocking it down with ease.

"That's how easy it would have been to knock down the barricades," wrote one user.

Others however pointed out that the presence of a barricade alone could be enough to deter an active shooter by simply making it more work than a bare door.

"The barricade is a deterrent. Shooters want as many bodies as they can get. If there is an obstacle they will move on," wrote one user.

"An active shooter wants the path of least resistance. A barricade no matter how strong or weak will cause an unwanted obstruction and they move on," added another.

Just over one week ago, a Texas YES Prep student gained over seven million views on a video showing themselves being evacuated from the building with their hands held in the air after a shooting.

The student documented the shattered front door and blood sprayed across the floor, after the shooter shot the principal. A former student was arrested and charged for the shooting and the principal was released from the hospital later that day after suffering a gunshot wound in the back.

Earlier in the month, a TikTok video circulated online showing a school's ban of backpacks after a student had been caught with a gun. TikTok user @mariam_gilmore posted footage showing students using various alternatives to backpacks including a laundry basket and a shopping cart.

According to comments left by the user, "some kid brought a gun to school on Thursday and it hasn't even been four months since our last school shooting."

According to the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, 2021 has seen the highest number of school shootings since 1970, with 170 as of September.

Police scene tape
Stock image of a crime scene. Getty Images