Texas Senator Tells Democrat Rep.: ‘Don’t Let The Crazies Turn You Into A Zombie,’ then finishes his statement in Spanish

A proposed wall on the southern border of the United States continues dividing Americans and their politicians alike. Now, top lawmakers from Texas, which has more territory butting against Mexico than any other state, have taken jabs at each other.

Republican Senator John Cornyn told Democrat Rep. Marc Veasey, who represents a good portion of Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas, to “Don’t let the crazies turn you into a zombie” in a Friday afternoon tweet.

This stems from differences of opinion on the proposed border wall, which was a major campaign talking point of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

It started with Cornyn appearing on Fox News and defending the Republican stand on a border wall, and said the Democrats “don’t believe in border security.”

"This is a fundamental difference in opinion between Democrats, who apparently don’t believe in border security, who see the flow of drugs and human trafficking and other contraband across the border,” Cornyn said on Fox News.

“They apparently don’t want to do anything about it, versus those of us who say let’s come up with a sensible combination of technology, barriers and personnel to try to staunch the flow of illegal drugs and human trafficking.”

Cornyn said the current House proposal is only a temporary fix until February, and that Congress would "be staring this in the face again."

Veasey fired back at the Senator, saying border security is already there, and that the focus should be on humanitarian issues and people fleeing war and famine.

Veasey ended his tweet with saying, “You would know this, Senator, if you were down at the border.”

Veasey’s district is roughly 400 miles to the nearest border point of Del Rio, and 445 miles down Interstate-35 to Laredo.

Cornyn fired back at Veasey, saying the representative shouldn’t “let the crazies turn you into a zombie.” The senator posted some numbers about drugs and human trafficking and ended his tweet with the question in Spanish, “no problemo?”

Of course, it’s social media, and each elected official took Twitter jabs from all directions.

The total border length between the United States and Mexico, including maritime boundaries in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean, is 1,984 miles, according to this USA Today report.

Texas shares 1,254 of those miles with Mexico, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Texas and Mexico are joined by 28 international bridges and border crossings.

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