Texas Woman Gives Birth to Extremely Rare Identical Triplets After $30,000 IVF Treatment

A Texas woman in her 30s who is transitioning into menopause has spoken of her "disbelief" after she gave birth to extremely rare identical triplets.

Hollie Gambrel and her partner had been trying to conceive naturally for eight months before doctors revealed that she was premenopausal.

Despite the news, the couple was determined to have a child and decided to use an anonymous egg donor.

Family and friends came together to help the couple pay for the $30,000 IVF treatment, raising more than $15,000 in funds overall.

Following the treatment, the couple found out in September 2019 that the fertilized egg had split into three, which is an extremely rare occurrence.

Estimates vary widely, but the odds of having identical triplets are anywhere in the vicinity of between one in 60,000 to one in 200 million.

Identical triplets develop when a sperm fertilizes an egg that then divides into three or two halves—one of which splits again. This process leaves three embryos with the same genetic material.

"I'm speechless sometimes because I can't believe I have three babies," Gambrel told the MailOnline. "I want others to know there is a way—it may not be the way you planned but it will always work out."

Gambrel chose a donor who had similar characteristics to herself, notably, she was blonde and a keen runner.

"I felt so grateful picking a donor," Gambrel said. "It was amazing to know there was someone who would give their eggs so I can try and have my own family. We were able to see the profiles and photos of different women who were approved by the doctor's office."

'I chose a woman who looked like me with blonde hair, but she had blue eyes and I have brown. She was a similar height, athletic, and a runner—like me. I was heartbroken about not having my own but happy that my husband was able to have his own biological baby."

Gambler said the couple was "ecstatic" after finding out that she was pregnant. But she said nothing could have prepared them for the results of the four-week scan.

"We turned bright red when they said 'three babies.' I was in disbelief and I couldn't stop laughing. I thought it was a joke. David was speechless. It took us a while to get our heads around but I was over the moon."

Her three children, named Rory, Ryder, and Rhett, were born via a planned cesarean section and are now all doing well, she said.

"We are so thankful for everyone who helped us on this journey," the mother said. "It's worth it. It just took three of us rather than one. I am thankful for the donor and not fazed that the babies weren't created with my eggs. All I have to do is look into their eyes and then I can see how much they love me—so it doesn't bother me."

"As soon as they're old enough to understand, they will know a stranger helped get them here."

The feet of three triplets
Stock image showing three triplets. A premenopausal Texas woman gave birth to identical triplets after receiving IVF treatment. iStock