Five Best Alcoholic Thanksgiving Drinks To Enjoy With Any Crowd

What's a really good meal without a really good bottle of wine to complement it? If that question makes you nervous, don't worry. We've rounded up the best bottles of wine, liquors and champs to turn your holiday into an event every guest will be thankful for. And if you follow this intoxicatingly good guide of adult beverages to serve at your Thanksgiving party, there will be just as many quality spirits getting passed around as butter-rolls and dishes drenched in cranberry sauce.

Moët Impérial: Every hostess-with-the-mostest knows that inviting family members and friends to gather over dinner can sometimes make for a very stressful and anxiety-ridden evening. Ease the tension before it even starts by offering guests glasses of Moët & Chandon's finest bubbly upon arrival. The vibrant, sparkling blend of Pinot Nior, Pino Meunier and Chardonnay grapes will set a light and happy tone to the evening from the very start.

Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka: Whether you're creating Thanksgiving-inspired martini's or highball spritzers, there's a Ciroc Vodka that's perfect for concocting holiday cocktails. Added bonus: The liquor brand, owned by Sean "Diddy" Combs, comes in a variety of flavors ranging from French vanilla and mango to red berry and peach.

Four Roses Bourbon: Perhaps your aunt's new boyfriend doesn't fancy the fun holiday-themed cocktails, preferring instead to watch Thanksgiving football with a good stiff drink instead. If that's the case, having a quality bourbon on hand is crucial. Four Roses Single Barrel isn't just rich and spicy on the nose but offers a robust splash of ripe plum and cherry taste in the finish that even the pickiest drinkers are susceptible to enjoying. Added bonus: Four Roses can be used to make any cocktail that calls for dark liquor, like an Old Fashioned.

🇺🇸One of my go to whiskeys (bourbons) is Four Roses Single Barrel. I love the mash bill, I love the consistency an…

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2014 Palmaz Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon: Not only does a big red like Cabernet Sauvignon reek of holiday cheer, but the vivacious and full-bodied blend pairs extraordinary well with the very many side dishes accompanying the turkey.

Hardy Legend 1863: A nightcap is definitely in order after stuffing your face with mac-and-cheese, green bean casserole, roast beef and every other dish on the menu. Mellow out with the French cognac, which offers notes of cappuccino, citrus and vanilla. That means that even if guests opt out of dessert, they'll still be delighted with a drinkable sweet treat.