Is It Time for President Trump To Concede the 2020 Election?

Should Trump Concede? Yes

The longer both the president and his party remain trapped in a conspiracy scenario, the more likely they are to paint themselves into a corner from which there is no escape.

Should Trump Concede? Not Yet

We don't stand for intimidation or take orders from journalists in this country. We believe in following through with the prescribed procedures of a free and fair election in full, until all parties are satisfied.

Mr. President, Please Stick to Pardoning Turkeys

Every year the turkey pardoning ceremony brings up the sitting president's record of mercy toward people. Trump's record isn't great, and speculation about self-pardon isn't helping.

Thanksgiving is Worth Defending

There is something deeply unifying about knowing that every family in every corner of the country is eating (more or less) the same meal and sharing in the same traditions.