Therapist Reveals 3 Simple Mistakes to Avoid in a New Relationship

Are you unlucky in love? Well, then you might be interested in a therapist on TikTok's three tips for keeping a new relationship on track.

Jeff Guenther, a therapist who posts under the account name @TherapyDen, recently shared his video to the app on October 4, titled: "3 things you should NOT do when you fall in love."

The video, which has already been viewed 3.1 million times, begins with Guenther sitting at home wearing a purple cardigan and black glasses.

He starts by explaining that: "Number 1. Don't fool yourself into thinking you are actually in love.

"I know it feels like you're in love, but you're not yet and I know I sound like a complete f***ing turd for saying that."

Although he admits this might sound condescending, he goes on to clarify: "You still need to find out all the annoying s**t about them.

"Once you see how dumb and annoying they are and you still think you're in love, then you are more likely to actually be in love."

At the start of a relationship, the therapist suggests you just might be excited about the potential of who your new love might be, so you are "projecting positivity" onto them.

His second point is to "take it slow" and try to "see them up to two or three times during the week but don't see them every day."

Guenther reveals, in the video which can be watched here, that this in order to slow down and "savor the moments you have apart" so you can "sink into that really nice feeling of anticipation."

The third and final point is "don't make any big decisions" such as moving in together or quitting school.

He says he sees this all the time, but although "it feels like a good idea, you really don't know if it's going to work out until you actually get to know them."

"If they're asking you to make life-altering decisions at the start then that should be a huge red flag."

The clip has gone viral with more than 3.1 million views and 615,700 likes. There have also been more than 5,570 comments left on the video, with users discussing the therapists advice.

One TikTok user, Kyleigh Hoye, wrote: "Every single not-in-love person watching this [lips emoji]."

Another person, Follow me just cuz, added: "Baby I grow obsessions I can't help it."

Anastasia Pagonis stated: "Step one... Find someone."

Summer revealed: ""Don't move fast" [woman emoji] [man emoji] me and my boyfriend who moved in together on the first date."

Teaghan Young joked: "How do I send this to someone without sending it lmao."

Jordan Anthony admitted: "My best friend does all of these things constantly, then moves right on to the next relationship after the last one fails."

However, some people shared stories about how their relationships thrived contrary to the advice given.

Cassidy explained: "Oh babes, I did it all wrong! Met Oct 3, engaged Oct 28, pregnant Nov 16, bought a house Feb 14, married March 12 and still married 17 years later."

Tedraoi Malin typed: "My partner and I did the opposite of all of this and even though we worked out, I would never recommend it. This is great advice."

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A stock image of a man holding a balloon and an engagement ring. On TikTok a therapist has shared his advice for new relationships. iStock