There's No 'Monica Lewinsky Type Dress' for Stormy Daniels, Her Lawyer Says About Allegations of Trump Affair

History does have a funny way of repeating itself... but that doesn't mean it happens in exactly the same fashion.

On Tuesday, Stormy Daniels's lawyer shut down rumors that they might have a "Monica Lewinksy type dress" to bolster the case that the adult film actress had an affair with President Donald Trump in 2006.

"To address the rumor: We DO NOT have a 'Monica Lewinsky type' dress," Michael Avenatti tweeted. "Thus, there is no dress to be tested for DNA. But we are making progress on the assault/stalking that occurred around the same time that [Trump lawyer] Mr. Cohen threatened @intouchweekly magazine in May 2011. #coverup #basta."

One of Daniels's friends had previously suggested such a dress might exist. "All I know is that Stormy still has the dress that she wore from that night," Alana Evans said on CNN. When asked why Daniels — whose given name is Stephanie Clifford — might have kept the dress, Evans floated the idea that it was evidence.

"Maybe a keepsake," she said on CNN. "Maybe it's because it's actual proof. I can only speculate the things that may be on that dress, especially if it's never been washed."

For those who forgot or those who are too young to remember, a so-called Lewinksy-style dress is a reference to a stained dress that was a key piece of evidence that helped prove President Bill Clinton had an affair with an intern.

The second part of Avenatti's tweet appears to reference an allegation Daniels made during her 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper, where Daniels said she was phsyically threatened about sharing her story about her alleged affair with Trump.

Daniels signed a non-disclosure agreement and accepted a $130,000 payment from Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen just ahead of the 2016 election, but has argued that agreement is void since Trump himself did not sign it. Cohen has argued she broke the agreement and could be subject to tens of millions of dollars in damages.