These 7 States Have Reopened Bars and Nightclubs as U.S. Coronavirus Cases Soar

Seven states have reopened bars and nightclubs to residents despite coronavirus cases continuing to rise throughout many parts of the country.

States that have reopened both large-capacity nightclubs and bars include Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri and North Dakota. Many of these states never had a high level of cases throughout the pandemic compared with states like New York and Florida. But governors in states such as Idaho and Kansas reopened bars and nightclubs as early as late May. Sporting and concert venues remain closed in nearly all of the seven states that have reopened night life businesses.

In Georgia, bars and nightclubs reopened with limited capacity on June 1, with groups of 25 people or more being allowed to meet up as long as physical distancing is maintained. On June 16, the number of people allowed inside such establishments was increased to 50 people.

Idaho bars reopened at 50 percent capacity on May 30 in the state's third phase. And on June 13, the state entered Phase 4, which opened up large nightclubs and sporting arenas throughout most of the state.

In Indiana, bars and nightclubs were allowed to reopen on June 12 at 50 percent capacity and restaurants were allowed to increase their dine-in cap to 75 percent. Governor Eric Holcomb laid out a five-stage plan for reopening much of the state beginning on May 1.

In Kansas, bars and nightclubs reopened on May 22 alongside movie theaters, bowling alleys and state-owned casinos. As of July 3, masks are required in all public spaces throughout the state.

Kentucky bars and nightclubs that hold 50 or fewer people reopened on June 29, but masks are required indoors.

Some states, such as Michigan, reopened nightclubs in early June, but bars are still not allowed to serve guests indoors. And states like Nebraska have allowed some bars to open, but nightclubs remain closed to patrons.

Missouri bars and nightclubs began reopening in early May, but physical distancing requirements are made on a case-by-case basis. And North Dakota began reopening its bars and nightclubs on May 1, but capacity requirements remain stringent.

The United States as a whole recorded 57,000 new infections on Monday to bring the country's total coronavirus cases to 3.34 million, with at least 132,000 deaths being linked to COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic in March. This week, much of the West Coast, including California, is shutting down for a second time. Indoor dining, movie theaters and bars were all placed on lockdown Monday.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cases have risen sharply over the past week in Kentucky, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota and the District of Columbia.

Newsweek reached out to the Indiana, Idaho and North Dakota governor's offices for any additional remarks Tuesday morning.

Seven states have reopened bars and nightclubs to residents despite coronavirus cases continuing to rise throughout many parts of the country. iStock/Getty