These Are the 7 Best-Selling TVs at Walmart

Over at Walmart, Vizio TVs dominate the best-seller's list of TV sets. It's chock-full of a wide range of large screens that are all largely high definition. These are in contrast to Amazon's best-selling TVs, which all come in under $300 and have TCL as the main manufacturer and often smaller screen sizes.

Walmart's top-selling TVs might skew toward large, vibrant displays, but they are mostly still budget-friendly for the technology and sizes being offered. For example, if you're looking to manage a massive screen in your home for under $2,000, you might want to consider Samsung's 82-inch monster TV.

  • VIZIO 55-inch 4K UHD M-Series—$548.00
  • Onn. 32-inch HD (720P) LED TV—$108.00
  • 75-inch VIZIO V755 4K HDR SmartCast TV—$778.00
  • SAMSUNG 82-inch 4K Crystal UHD—$1,697.99
  • VIZIO 65-inch 4K UHD—$468.00
  • VIZIO 50-inch 4K UHD LED V-Series—$289.99
  • TCL 32-inch 720P Roku Smart TV 3 Series—$138.00

VIZIO 55-Inch 4K UHD M-Series—$548.00

Vizio 55-inch TV
Vizio's 55-inch M-Series TV is the top-selling TV at Walmart. Vizio

The best-selling TV at Walmart is the Vizio 55-inch M-Series M55Q8-H1. This 2021 LED TV is a new offering that includes the latest technology such as Dolby Vision HDR, an IQ Active processor, Apple's AirPlay, Google's Chromecast and, of course, 4K UHD. What all this means is that the TV is ready to watch all types of video and play all types of games—whatever you can throw at it.

This TV is streaming ready, too, with Disney+, Hulu, Apple TV+, Netflix and more, all built in and ready to watch with subscriptions. If you don't have a streaming box you want to add, you don't need to: These apps are all included.

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Onn. 32-Inch HD (720P) LED TV—$108.00

Onn. 32-inch TV
Onn.'s 32-inch TV comes with Roku and is priced just over $100. Onn.

Going the other way, Onn.'s 32-inch 720p is less about the tech and all about the price-to-size value. This is the pick to grab if you just need a TV display to connect with different devices. Coming in at just over $100, this LED TV is ready to provide a capable screen on a budget.

While this is a budget pick, it's still a smart TV with wireless connectivity. It offers built-in Roku software, which provides access to hundreds of apps and channels. There's almost no downside here when selecting this as a secondary TV set.

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75-Inch VIZIO V755 4K HDR SmartCast TV—$778.00

Vizio 75-inch
Vizio's 75-inch V-Series is huge but still comes in under $800. Vizio

Only a few years ago a 75-inch TV was a rare item reserved for only the richest people. Not only would it be inconceivable to own a TV this big, but to be able to get one for under $1,000 was crazy talk. It's no wonder that Vizio's V755 75-inch TV for under $800 is a best-seller.

Not only is this TV big, but it's 4K UHD with HDR vibrant color technology. This 2021 V-Series TV is Vizio's entry level model. It extends a lot of the latest technology to low price points without sacrificing the picture elements that will make the most difference on screen. This is a wonderful deal for the size.

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SAMSUNG 82-Inch 4K Crystal UHD—$1,697.99

Samsung 82-inch TV
Samsung's 82-inch TV is a great value but may be too big for some houses. Samsung

If a 75-inch Vizio TV isn't large enough, there's always Samsung's 82-inch 4K UHD TV. Again, it should be stated just how crazy it is that you could even purchase an 82-inch TV, let alone for well under $2,000. The first thing you should be doing if you're considering this TV is measuring out the walls in your house to see if they could even accommodate the massive size. Not every house can fit a TV this large.

This TV features Samsung's smart software, so access to streaming services is built in directly. It should be noted that this TV only includes two HDMI ports, so connectivity will be more limited than others.

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VIZIO 65-Inch 4K UHD—$468.00

Vizio 65-inch TV
Vizio's 65-inch V-series TV includes AirPlay and Chromecast built in. Vizio

Vizio's 2021 65-inch V-Series TV is the same as the other Vizio V-Series sets on this list but just comes in at a different screen size. This will likely be the sweet spot for a lot of people looking to replace their living room TVs. At 65-inches, it's large enough to provide viewing from across a big room, but at under $500 it doesn't break the bank.

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VIZIO 50-Inch 4K UHD LED V-Series—$289.99

Vizio 50-inch
Vizio's 50-inch V-Series TV offers three HDMI ports. Vizio

The V-Series variant coming in at 50-inches is under $300 in price. This model features three HDMI ports to connect video game consoles, a Blu-Ray player and lots of other electronic devices. Despite the size, this 2021 model nearly falls into the budget-friendly category and is worthy of being front and center as people's main TV for movie watching and game playing. It, too, has 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR for brilliant colors.

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TCL 32-Inch 720P Roku Smart TV 3 Series—$138.00

TCL 32-inch TV
TCL's 32-inch TV is a great budget-friendly option. TCL

Despite coming in toward the bottom on the best-seller list, this 32-inch TCL smart TV is a great buy. It features Roku software, which means it will be regularly updated with new apps and channels. Plus, at well under $200, it's a perfect bedroom or secondary TV. It has three HDMI ports and can easily be mounted on the wall, likely by a single person.

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