These Dogs From Reddit Demanding Breakfast Are All Of Us In The Morning

Two wonderful dogs are making Reddit users smile on Friday morning because of their adorable breakfast routine. A video posted in community r/aww captivated the attention of viewers and led to some lighthearted conversations.

The video, posted by u/clowders, shows two dogs approaching their sleeping human, seemingly first thing in the morning. One dog quickly jumps on the bed to say hello. The other takes his time to navigate the room with his entire food dish hanging from his mouth, a passive and perfect way to say "hey, get up! I'm hungry!"

Despite the clear order for the human to fill the bowl (we know who wears the pants in this scenario), the fluffy pup's face is nothing but kind. It led to a list of conversations that speak to the sweetness of both dogs, and how they'd possibly react to unexpected situations.

Most of the comments talk about the "cuteness overload" that is the video. With so many moving parts (be it either dog or even the probably-confused cat in the background), Redditors were thrilled to witness the morning routine.

One of the best comments, though, points out the well-behaved nature of the dogs and questions how they'd react in the unfortunate event of a home intruder. Sure, one dog may grab his bowl, but the comment is even more hilarious.

cute dog
Long-haired Jack Russell Terrier, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Tim Graham/Getty

"Your dogs look like if someone broke into your house to steal, they would lead them right to all the jewelry but the guy would just put everything back and pet the dogs for as long as he can," u/currymonster300 wrote. The comment has been upvoted 1,000 times.

Another user shared their own, personal concerns with their similar pup. "Mine wouldn't even get off the floor........She may lift her head just to see who came in and then plop it right back down," wrote u/PIG20. "The only way she would attack and [sic] intruder is if somehow, cooked chicken could grow arms and legs and start breaking into houses."

Another gave a somewhat concerning, but understandable follow-up. "I'd break into this guys house just to pet the dog," said u/Abacus6.

The video joins a totally lighthearted community that features only adorable content. Right now, the breakfast video is going viral with over 42,000 upvotes. It's leading the page, for good reason.

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