These Newborns are Rocking Adorable 'Team USA' Uniforms for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Everyone is getting into the Olympics spirit—even babies, it appears.

In honor of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, nurses at Kansas City, Missouri's Saint Luke's Health System crocheted "Mini Team USA" uniforms for a lucky group of newborns. They also staged a mock "opening ceremony" on Friday to commemorate the occasion.

A video of the adorable event [shown above] highlights the handcrafted "uniforms" donned by each newborn. Featuring an array of crocheted shorts, gold medals, swim caps, headbands, and jerseys, the tiny, plush outfits are incredibly complex. The newborn "athletes" represent a range of sports, including gymnastics, swimming, tennis, weight lifting, and basketball.

Joked the hospital on their Instagram account, introducing the team of infants: "They trained 9 months for this moment. Meet Mini Team USA at Saint Luke's East Hospital."

The celebration didn't end there: in addition to crocheting the babies' Olympics attire, the nurses also hosted their version of a torch-lighting ceremony, right inside the halls of the hospital's maternity ward. Parents, meanwhile, "scored" their newborns [with perfect 10's, of course].

According to a Saint Luke's Health System press release, obtained by KMBC: "Our Saint Luke's coaches passed the torch to kick off the Olympic celebration and recognize our newest gold-medal babies."

"The crowds [the families] were excited to be a part of the special ceremony and will get to take the handmade outfits home with them to keep," they added.

Newsweek attempted to contact Saint Luke's Health System for further comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Olympics Baby
Nurses at Kansas City, Missouri's Saint Luke's Health System crocheted "Mini Team USA" outfits and held a mock opening ceremony for the baby participants. A baby running past the Olympic Games' logo in 2008. NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images

So far, the 2020 Olympics—and the public's reactions to the games—have been chock-full of adorable moments. Over the weekend, a TikTok video went viral for showing a toddler's amazed reaction to the women's weightlifting athletes. In awe, the child, named Emily, announced to her family, "I wish I had strong hands"—suggesting to some viewers she may have an Olympic career of her own one day. "She is the winner!" chants the young girl in the charming clip, which has been viewed millions of times.

Meanwhile, on Monday, two 13-year-old girls made history as the silver and gold medalists for Women's Skateboarding—the first time the sport has been represented in the Olympic Games. After their wins, gold-medalist Momiji Nishiya of Japan and Brazil's Rayssa Leal, who won silver, highlighted the sweeter side of even the most competitive events, congratulating each other with a hug and a fist bump.